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New Moon Animal Message for September

 New Moon is this morning, September 17th. Our message is from porcupine and he is persistent in telling me to tell you: this is a time to minimize your physical vulnerability. Porcupine is susceptible to flu like illnesses. Like porcupine, you can alter your diet to include greens and natural oils as this is helpful to your immune system. Take care of diet and use all your defenses at this time. Like porcupine warns with his quills, do not let people get too close physically. Porcupine reminds us to 'bury our heads' as the porcupine places head between front limbs when threatened. Sometimes it's hard to keep others at a distance and you may worry that they will think you don't care for them or something similar. The reality is we need to act like porcupine right now. This also means dancing and feeling rhythm, so move and enjoy the feeling!  art by Dan McCosbe

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