Saturday, August 30, 2014

WCYY & Robin's Zodiac Zone Part Ways

Robin's Zodiac Zone aired on WCYY from May of 2000 when I started doing Alternative Mornings until Friday, August 29th, 2014. It was a great run, and a wonderful thing that WCYY and also WHOM continued to air Robin's Zodiac Zone for over a year after I left the morning show.

It was simply a business decision on the part of Townsquare Media, the most recent owners. The company's former General Manager chose to keep Robin's Zodiac Zone on the radio as a feature in light of the longevity and loyalty of many listeners in Maine and New Hampshire who tuned in for the Moon sign and color each morning. He has since moved on from the company as well. 

Change happens. It's okay. I have only love for all the time I spent on the radio there, for my colleagues there, and for all the awesome people I've met and interacted with through WCYY, WHOM, and WBLM. Words cannot really capture how much the stations, WCYY in particular, are a huge part of my heart and soul. 

Having said that, I do feel badly that the radio broadcast and the Zodiac Zone text will be discontinued for now. I know how many of you value it and consider it a part of your morning. I've always enjoyed creating it for you with the hope it helped make every day your best day possible! I'm very thankful for each and every one of you who listens, reads, and keeps in touch. You have made my experience so rich! It's time we transform that, and move the venue from CYY/HOM to...(to be continued)

This is new news to me as of Thursday, so there is no plan yet for where Robin's Zodiac Zone will find a new home on radio or other media outlet. I am open to possibilities including your suggestions. 

I've written your daily forecasts since July of 1999 and you will still find them at Robin's Zodiac Zone and the RoZoYo™ web sites! For the week ahead, I've posted Soundcloud links with the audio. This is a temporary way to give you the forecast while other plans develop. *

I'll see those of you in Maine this fall and winter! For RoZoYo™ Yoga & Gallery style astrology readings, I'm at Greener Postures in South Portland on Saturday, December 6th. Registration is on now! And I will have more news very soon. 

I appreciate all your support and loyalty during these next transitions! Stay connected!

Robin Ivy Payton

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Thank you for Phoenix Best Radio Voice award in 2009, 2010 & 2011

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Robin's Zodiac Zone September Day by Day Planner

October 4th to 25th Mercury retrograde returns, and there will be two October eclipses on the 8th and 23rd. September is stable ground to build from, and maybe if you get the foundation down, the trembles & quakes will shake you less! 

I see plenty of challenge in September, particularly in negotiating plans that involve multiple parties, in managing reactions to change and news, and with scale of spending & projects, as in how much to expand or reign things in. At the same time, there is lots of room for growth and solid decision making.

Here are some key words for September days:

September 1 Transitions, Communicate honestly
September 2- 3 Respond thoughtfully & deliberately, Create order
September 4- 5 Produce, Show results, Be willing to face fears
September 6 Gather, Find middle ground, Collaborate
September 7 Stay out of debates, Practice focusing & refocusing
(Full Moon September 8th in Pisces 9:38 pm EDT)
September 8- 9 Resolve feelings, Step out of dysfunction, Surround yourself with art, music, film, creative friends
September 10 Expand ideas, Be real in relationships
September 11 Structure & Define
September 12 Construct, Build, Connect with each other
September 13 Be ready for anything, Avoid overreacting
September 14 Process, Keep expectations reasonable (in love)
September 15 Be spontaneous, Revise, Enjoy people
September 16 Nurture & Dream
September 17 Protect your interests & minimize reactions
September 18 Negotiate, Simplify
September 19- 20 Action, Growth, Know your limits
September 21 Negotiate, Talk serious business, Be realistic
September 22 Heal old wounds, Resolve
September 23 Be passionate & Intentional, Reconsider
(New Moon in Libra September 24th 2:14 am)
September 24- 25 Be decisive, Adjust to sudden shifts
September 26 Communicate well, Team up
September 27 Ferret out information, Move ahead
September 28 Scale down if necessary, Show love
September 29- 30 Adventures, Changes of scenery, 
Take action (29th) Find freedom (30th)

I'll expand on these ideas in weekly posts at or

Monday, August 25, 2014

Late August Updates

Llewellyn Moon Sign Book 2015 is out now. My section is about why eating locally grown foods can benefit your health including the immune system. You can find it in bookstores, on Amazon, and direct from Thank you to Llewellyn for giving me the opportunity to write and share since 2003!

My next workshop in Maine is Saturday, December 6th, 2014, and even if that seems far off now, registration is on at ! I'll be at the South Portland studio this time and I can't wait to give a home town workshop and gallery style readings. Yoga for your sign and winter astrology all in one is RoZoYo™! 

In Tampa, coming right up on Saturday, September 13th, I'll be leading a 90 minute RoZoYo™ workshop at Yogani with posture, mudra, meditations, and autumn astrology woven through the practice. From Aries to Pisces, all will receive insights to their fall forecast, favored times, and postures correlated to your sign. Register at (scroll down one post for more info)

Robin's Nest Prenatal Yoga is a focus of my practice. I am a Pranakriya Prenatal certified teacher and am fortunate to have wonderful resources and mentors here in Tampa. Stay tuned for more Robin's Nest news, especially those of you planning to be become Mamas in the near future! 

Happy Virgo New Moon August 25th! Fresh routines & changes big or small for all! Namaste!


Monday, August 18, 2014

RoZoYo™ Autumn Yoga & Astrology in Tampa

Autumn eclipses in Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio/Libra & the influence of fall's astrology on each and every sign of the zodiac woven together with postures correlated to your sign, your Moon sign, your partner's sign...All to bring greater understanding, insight, support and wholeness. 
Join me in Tampa for this special 90 minutes yoga workshop with an astrology focus.
Saturday, September 13, 2014 2 pm to 3:30
Yogani Studios
1112 W. Platt in SouthTampa
Register now at
I look forward to meeting  you! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Photos from Maine Yoga Fest

I was honored to lead so many of you in Capricorn Full Moon Salutations at Maine Yoga Fest!
July 12th, 2014 at East End School in Portland under the tent!
A perfect day and outstanding yoga fest celebrating the Maine yoga community!
Can't wait for next year!

Join the RoZoYo™ fun & tune into winter on December 6th with Yoga & Gallery Readings for all signs at Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland! You can register now!


Sun Breaths!

Savasanna. Rest.

Winding down

me in Melanie Burns workshop (Wicked Good Yoga)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August Astrological Planning Guide

Hi everyone! Wherever you are, I hope your summer season is going well. Astrologically, summer is on the upswing with Mercury, Mars and Saturn all direct after retrograde times! The energy is much more free for sorting things out and resolving even long term issues. It's also better for building, starting anything brand new, and motivating. 

Jupiter in Leo all the way until August of 2105 puts expansion plans in favor! The planet of growth is in a sign of creativity, performers, and children. Mars in Scorpio is square to planets in Leo, Mercury (on the 2nd) & Jupiter (on the 1st). Great effort is called for to improve communication, get past obstacles and focus on growth of a business, relationship, creative project or take care of a health issue (specifically the back, heart, reproductive and sexual health, and scheduling necessary surgeries.) With squares, you must find the places to yield or soften so you don't get stuck in obstacles you've created yourself or given too much power to.

The Full Moon of the 10th shows energies of opposition in Aquarius/Leo and challenging squares in Leo/Scorpio too. You will earn every bit of joy or satisfaction from any success or agreement you are able to make during this part of the month. Results will not come easy, but the time and attention you invest will assure strength, commitment and longevity of the outcomes. Hold out for the best deal while being willing to negotiate. When the Sun and Saturn mix like this, a big risk or gamble is not recommended. Go with solid feelings and sure things, loyal and reliable people, and the most informed and wise information. 

Here is a guide to help you act on the most astrologically favorable dates.

August 1-2 Issues can flare up. Mercury & Jupiter favor creative problem solving & education. 
August 3-5 Concentration, Long term planning and resolving
August 6-9 Active, Creative, Constructive, Expressive & Independent thinking
August 9-10 Strong, Challenging, Long term decisions
August 11-12 Find Peace, Resolution
August 13-14 Energize, Regroup
August 15 Intuition, Versatility
August 16-17 Listen, Be respectful of differences
August 18-19 Love, relationship, Confidence, News
August 20-22 Create, Nurture, Get to the heart of a matter
August 23 Love, Perform, Be childlike
August 24 Rethink, Own up, Plan
August 25-26 Refresh, Begin, Organize
August 27 Relationships, Understanding, Negotiate
August 28-29 Find strength in differences, Grace under pressure
August 30-31 Final Resolutions, Activity on Goals

Weekly forecasts are at 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yoga Teaching & Event Schedule July, August, December!

Rock some Yoga with me in Tampa/St. Pete!

late July/August 
Thursday July 17th Power Yoga at Yogani 5:30-7 pm
Friday July 18th Hatha Yoga at Bella Prana in Tampa 9:15 -10:30 am
Saturday July 19th Power Yoga at Yogani in Tampa 10-11:30 am

Sundays July 20th & 27th Stress Relief Yoga at Bella Prana in Tampa 6-7 pm

Tuesdays (all) Lunch Hour Yoga at Corporate Fitness/Catalina Marketing in St Pete 12

Friday, August 1st Solar Yoga (warm) at Yogani in Tampa 6-7:30 pm

Monday and Wednesday August 11th and 13th Lunch Hour Yoga at ASI in St. Pete 

Wednesdays  August 6th & 20th Private Workplace Yoga in Ybor City 4 pm

more tba! Check back!

December 6th in South Portland, Maine! Save the date and/or register anytime now for RoZoYo™ Yoga & Gallery style readings for all signs at Greener Postures Yoga Details are at their workshops link 

Happy summer days & nights!

Maine Yoga Fest photo by Courtney Elizabeth Photography