Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Supporting Your Immune System During Transitions

No matter how positive or excited we are about moves and transitions, change is stressful. Even if the brain is happy, the body feels it. Thinking back to my first year in college, I developed laryngitis the first days on campus. Inconvenient to say the least! I was nothing but pleased to be on my own, away from home, yet my body had other ideas. Something had to give, and it was my voice.

The days just before I moved to Florida, I felt complete exhaustion. I worked hard to get my house cleared out and ready to rent, and continued to do my radio show until a few days before I left, so it was to be expected. I'm ready to transition back to my house in Maine now, and even though I'm not exerting myself physically to clean out a house or pack as much this time, I'm feeling quite a bit of fatigue. It comes and goes. These moves have been planned and wanted, following my heart and soul's desires, but the body is rebelling. I can't sleep as well  many nights and then in the morning or after yoga I feel like I'm going to pass out from exhaustion. There are other symptoms, too vague to explain really. A lightness almost dizzy feeling in the body rather than the head is an attempt at describing what I feel.

Moving isn't the only transition that causes symptoms like these, and sometimes the stress of change can bring on illness or possibly make you  more vulnerable to injuries or accidents too. The adrenal glands are working hard and need support. Even a low level of stress sustained over a period of time can impact adrenal function. If you're not familiar with the adrenals, they help regulate metabolism, emotions, sleep patterns, thyroid function, carvings and are directly responsible for releasing the hormones that provide the fight or flight instinct. Adrenal health is essential to the immune system. If they overexert and become fatigued, so do we. This increases our susceptibility to the common cold (New England Journal of Medicine), infectious disease, and over time may increase the odds around Alzheimer's, cancer, and other major health issues.

I'm going through this right now, so I thought I'd share what I do when this kind of fatigues sets in. This is just my own experience, is an incomplete list of possibilities, and is not necessarily backed by research. However, all of this appears to have prevented me from getting sick many times. The more I've added to my toolbox of remedies, the less I've needed antibiotics, doctor visits, or sick days. I hope this gives you the assist at some transitional time or even if you feel the common cold coming on.

Maine friends, I'll see you soon! Everyone else, stay connected! Robin

Emergen cee: If you take it daily already, up your intake. You can take this a few times a day when you are feeling vulnerable to sickness or have been exposed to something.

Vitamin Bs with a special focus on B6: Find a good quality vitamin with lots of B. B6 helps the body cope with stress. B vitamins are also very beneficial for your hair, skin, and brain function. If you're a vegetarian, you especially need B12 too.

Elderberry syrup: I swear by it during winters in the north and take it daily. Right now I'm taking it to support immune function. If you can buy local, do. In New England, look for Maine Medicinals which can also be ordered online at their website.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Take it by the spoonful if you can deal with the bitter taste. Mix it with honey otherwise. Tea with organic apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, lemon and fresh ginger is a cold killer. Keep this in the cabinet for when you need it or take it daily to help flush out the system generally. This may help ease water retention and detoxify. Be sure to use only the organic version.

Veggies like spinach and other dark, leafy greens: Add them to everything from mac n cheese to every sandwich you eat. Just load up on as many greens as you can without feeling like you're depriving yourself of something else. Add on.

Berries: Blueberries or any dark berries. Again, add them to everything.

Bach's Rescue Remedy: When something sets you over the top, when stress has built up and you're more easily triggered by annoyances or disagreements, have a spray of rescue remedy or buy the gum version. Your pets can have a spray too, for calming.

When you find yourself over-doing, take breaks, meditate, get some quiet time, go outside.

Transition on. 7 days & a little packing to do. Missed the falling leaves I guess, but I love the route from Florida to Maine via Charlotte & Gettysbug. Looking forward to travels and Maine soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

For Starters

Yoga in the conference room? Yes. 
Yoga at your school? Sure! Teachers need it and can learn skills for the kids too. 
Yoga at your medical facility. Yoga heals.
Yoga or Meditation presentation just once as a special event? Yes. We can definitely make that happen.

Yoga for all bodies & all kinds of people. I currently have attorneys, marketing companies, a women's group, and yoga studios that I lead classes for. 

Portland to Biddeford to Freeport. Special events booking outside that zone too. How can I bring yoga to you? Email me for info.

Make a donation to help bring Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga to Mamas to be & new mothers. Yoga is good for physical and emotional health during and after pregnancy. Breath work and relaxation as well as strengthening is a big assist for childbirth and the changes during and after pregnancy, and meditation helps create a deep mom to baby connection.  Props to facilitate safe Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga will be purchased with your gift. 

Thank you from Robin's Nest!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

RoZoYo® Thanks Tampa & Coming to South Portland


Yogani Studios 2-3:30 Sat., October 25th 2 pm to 3:30
A Benefit for the Exalted Warrior Foundation, Adaptive Yoga for Veterans
Suggest $20 Donation                        

RoZoYo® Flow every Friday 
at Breathing Room South Portland, Maine
Starts November 7th 12 Noon
Drop ins & beginners are welcome
Class packages available! Come every week & get your astrology with your yoga!
Full Moon in Taurus Yoga: Moon Salutations November 7th
 Waning Moon Yoga: Strength, Intuition & Letting Go November 14th
Sagittarius New Moon Yoga: Warming, Moving & into the Hips November 21st
Aquarius/Pisces Moon: Uplifting Vinyasa Flow November 28th

RoZoYo® full workshop with postures & gallery readings 
Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland on Saturday, December 6th 12 to 2:30 pm
This is the only original RoZoYo™ workshop with readings in Maine for the rest of 2014
Secure your spot at www.greenerposturesyoga.com workshops link

Both of these yoga studios are on Broadway in South Portland off the Casco Bay Bridge to the right. GPY is in the plaza to the left across from Easy Day. Breathing Room is another 1/4 mile or so on the same side with street parking on Broadway and Elm or any side street.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yoga Classes in Maine Begin November 2nd

Happy Autumn, everyone! It's a very special time for me this year as I move back to South Portland on October 31st.

I am so pleased to announce these weekly yoga classes in South Portland, Scarborough & Portland starting the first week of November! 

Scarborough Yoga is brand new and attached to Chiropractic Family Wellness Center. My family (even the dogs!) and I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Meg Pickering and Dr. Carroll Coyle for 11 years.  I felt highly motivated to  join the yoga practice in their healing arts facility, and their opening even contributed to deciding when to move home!

I am a South Portland resident for many years now, and even lived above the Breathing Room studio on Broadway for weeks this summer! Breathing Room is such a warm, inviting community oriented studio centered in SoPo. I've offered workshops and classes there since summer 2013, and now we make it the studio home for a weekly RoZoYo® astrology inspired yoga class!

Please join me!

Tuesdays at Scarborough Yoga
433 US Rte 1 Scarborough, Maine
$15 Drop in 
Class Packages available 10 for $120

Scarborough Yoga. Tuesdays 9:30 & 12 noon

9:30 Stress Relief Yoga
Recharge your body, mind and spirit with postures and movement to increase flexibility and mobility while strengthening your muscles, core and mind/body relationship. Class will always include breathing techniques for focus and stress reduction, postures to release tension in the upper and lower body, use of blocks and bolsters, and meditation time to rejuvenate energy. This class is designed to suit all levels including beginners. Starts Tues. Nov. 4th

12:00 Lunch Hour Yoga
Build yoga into your day with this Lunch Hour class! Stretching, strengthening and flow will be included designed for all levels. You could call this Mama Bear yoga because it will be just right! (but Papa Bear will love it too!) 
Starts Tues, Nov 4th

Fridays at The Breathing Room 
860 Broadway in South Portland, Maine
$14 Drop in 
Class packages 5 for $60, 10 for $110 (use within 6 months)

Breathing Room in South Portland 12 Noon Fridays & more tba

12 Noon RoZoYo® Flow Yoga 
Experience your yoga practice with a heavenly perspective. RoZoYo® Flow is designed to align the body and soul with the movements of the Moon, Sun, and planets. A therapeutic warmup, postures that flow together, and lunar/solar salutations are incorporated. You'll get a bit of astrological insight with your yoga each week! All levels are welcome.
Starts Friday, Nov. 7th with a Full Moon Salutations class!

Two classes round out the weekly schedule for now at
Maine Hatha Yoga on Dartmouth Street in Portland. Look for me there starting November 2nd and at the Open House on November 1st. Maine Hatha (formerly Maine Bikram) is a heated studio where I've practiced yoga since 2003. They have a new and expanded schedule beginning Sunday, November 2nd. See you there Wednesdays 12 Noon for Hot Yoga & Sundays 10 am for Yin. We'll be warm for deep stretches Sundays and really heat it up for a fusion of vinyasa and hot yoga Wednesdays. Delicious.

Maine Hatha Yoga Wed 12 Noon & Sunday 10 am

Very special day for RoZoYo®, the original workshop with postures for all signs and gallery style astrology readings, at Greener Postures Yoga in South Portland on December 6th, Saturday 12 noon to 2:30. Register as soon as you can to secure a place. This is the only RoZoYo® workshop with readings I'll be doing for the rest of 2014 & we'll be looking into the new year astrologically that day! $40 in advance.

RoZoYo™ Events at Robin's Nest to be announced. Subscribe to get the news to your email. You'll get no more than one email a month. See you in a studio or out & about soon!

Peace, love & toe stands!

Questions? robinivy88@gmail.com

Monday, September 29, 2014

Robin's Zodiac Zone October Day Planner

Mercury retrograde October 4th 1:02 pm to 25th at 3:17 pm EDT. Use these suggestions to get through any Mercury retrograde frustrations, reunions & celebrations. These astrologically inspired ideas flow with the Moon, Sun & planetary aspects of the day, almanac style. All times are EDT. Adjust to your time zone, and remember "it's a wise person who rules the stars"* & decide for yourself always.  For more, check out www.RoZoYo.com/zodiac  
& listen weekdays at www.soundcloud.com/robin-ivy
Happy Libra/Scorpio times!

* quote from the Cosmic Muffin, Darrell Martinie

1 Deep conversations & business plans (Capricorn Moon)
2 Creative problem solving (void of course Moon 12:18 pm on)
3 Socialize & have friendly debates (Aquarius Moon 4 am)
4 Meet old friends (void of course Moon 2:32 pm)
5 Listen to music & watch movies (Pisces Moon 5:24 am)
6 Know who your friends are (void of course Moon 3:38 pm)
7, 8 Find someone you can side with & lean on each other 
(Lunar eclipse in Aries Oct. 8th, Full Moon at 6:51 am, void of course moon 10:20 am)
9 Let it be, live and let live (Taurus Moon 7:44 am)
10 Decide & make plans but don't make them public yet (void of course Moon 8:49 pm, Mercury back into Libra 1:26 pm)
11, 12 Let surprise & inspiration lead (Gemini Moon 11:51 am)
13 Have a cookie or, better yet, an orange, & keep calm
 (void of course Moon 1:58 pm, Cancer Moon 7:30 pm)
14 Nurture things worth growing into. Give, love
15 Smile like you mean it, wear headphones, screen your calls 
(void of course Moon 7:27 pm)
16, 17 Make peace, Open mind & heart(Leo Moon 6:29 am)
18 Enjoy life, play in or watch a game or performance
(void of course Moon 9:10 am, Virgo Moon 7:08 pm)
19 Daydream & get something done too. Moving meditation 
20 Dream bigger! Love & Create (void of course Moon 11:30 pm)
21, 22 Make a fair agreement. Sing, dance (Libra Moon 7:12 am)
23 Feel deeply, be passionate, enjoy the mysteries & surprises, start a creative project (Solar eclipse New Moon in Scorpio 5:57 pm, Sun to Scorpio 7:57 am, Venus to Scorpio 4:52 pm, void of course Moon in Libra 1:22 pm to 5:10 pm)
24 Notice your dreams & insights
25 Love! Release cords & expectations 
(void of course Moon 12:11 pm, Mercury direct 3:17 pm)
26 Study, Play (Sagittarius Moon 12:40 am, Mars to Capricorn 6:43 am)
27 Show sincere enthusiasm, Re-create (void of course Moon 12:18 pm) 
28 Let things fall together, re-organize (Capricorn Moon 6:03 am)
29 Wear headphones, keep responses simple & be nice to yourself
(void of course Moon 11:01 pm)
30 Recognize achievement, Be inventive (Aquarius Moon 9:52 am)
31 Have a spontaneous party (Happy Halloween!)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

November's Special!

Who put the No in November?
Let's replace that with a resounding Yes!
I've always loved November! Halloween to Thanksgiving rocks!
Celebrate the season with me!
Phone or in person readings or guided meditation sessions are just $55.00 beginning with the Full Moon November 6th
($25 off the full tarot/astrology $80 session) 

October eclipses and Mercury retrograde create flux & significant shifts in October! Intuitive Scorpio energy moves in! 
Beautiful time for the insight of the tarot cards, a look at your astrology chart, or guided meditation for just you! 

Team up with a friend & share a 90 minute session for $80! 

Restore & gather energy for the winter season! I look forward to doing these sessions in person again!*

Email me robinivy88@gmail.com to set up your time, while space is available.

* Email sessions will also be on special for $55 for long distance readings