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Learn Tarot & Invite your Spirit Guides January 19th in Scarborough, Maine

Expand your Intuition through tarot cards and restful guided meditation. These two workshops are offered together for a full afternoon of personal development and intuitive awareness. 

Get to know your tarot deck through a closer exploration of numerology and symbolism in the 78 card deck. Bring a deck that includes the major and minor arcana as well as the court cards (King, Queen, Knight Page). Bring a journal for notes and reflections. In one session you'll feel more confident to read for yourself or others.

I began offering tarot readings in 1995 at Light of the Moon on Fore Street in Portland, at the time. (anyone remember the place?) I had wonderful teachers and mentors like Jeanne Fiorini who is still in practice and Patricia Levasseur, who I will always be grateful to. I'll share my insights and understanding of the cards in a way that's suitable for a total beginner or someone more versed in the art of tarot reading. I'm honored to carry on this tradition and ar…
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Collective Tarot Reading for All: November 2018

Relationships, partnerships, promises and the significance of words as you open dialogue, seeking information and insights.  A passion project or heart's desire pursued with awareness of your own terms and what offers balance and reciprocal energies.  A leaving, movement into unfamiliar territory. Moving on or forward with wisdom and less stress, even if there's still some heaviness in the heart.

Watch for info soon on a January Saturday 19th Tarot reading workshop with yoga nidra journey at Scarborough Yoga (Maine). Hear the reading at the link below. Many blessings to all! Robin

Uptempo Yin Playlist

Yin Yoga with a happier vibe

Or a happier vibe for just hanging out at home

New playlist inspired by seeing Mountain Man (not a single man in the group- 3 women singing harmonies including Amelia of Sylvan Esso) play live on October 27th, and also by hearing Daylight at Sunset's song featuring Lucy Woodward for the first time, in a random mix this week

This playlist was created outdoors behind 158 Pickett Street on a beautiful, cool autumn day so it's also inspired by yellow autumn leaves and sunshine

If you go to the link there are a few more selections not in the screen shot
It's on Spotify. The link is safe to click. :)

Thanks to all who've been attending my classes. I played this last night at Yin Yoga at Greener Postures, which happens every Thursday at 5:30 and also Sunday evenings at 5:30 in the South Portland studio.

Self Care Saturday is November 17th

With the holidays coming (oh and Mercury retrograde on the way within days...), Addie Powers and I are bringing Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy back to Scarborough Yoga. It's our first self care session since Maine YogaFest back in June, and our last of this year.

Come to rest, rejuvenate and clear your energy.

As we move through a restorative, quieting sequence completely supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks and eye pillows, you'll receive Addie's attentive reiki healing Choose an aromatherapy blend of your choice (or you can opt out of aromatherapy). Your skin will absorb the essential oils throughout the session and will not intrude on anyone else's experience.

Advance registration only, no walk ins or day of workshop sign ups.
Sign up at Click the workshops link. Or to sign up in studio, arrive within 15 minutes before or after a class and you can use cash, check or card.
5 spaces left in this workshop (as of November 7t…

What is Trauma Informed Yoga? And Sea Change Yoga Benefit Class

Any room full of people includes individuals who have experienced trauma and some may continue to suffer with a condition called post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. According to the National center for PTSD, 60% of men and 50 % of women have experienced at least one trauma. Trauma can be physical, like childhood or domestic abuse or sexual assaults, or psychological like bullying and other threatening situations, neglect and abandonment. Clearly physical and emotional trauma cannot be separated. Many live with the effects of trauma, without treatment, holding fear and distress in, for many years, sometimes responding with drug or alcohol abuse, sometimes forming unhealthy and destructive relationships, sometimes becoming sick from the trauma held in their bodies, often walking through day to day activities while living in fear that can't be easily shaken.

As a  yoga teacher, I know that every class I teach most likely has trauma survivors, women or men that have been sexually abu…

Full Moon Vibes

Taurus Full Moon Wednesday, October 24th 12:45 pm EDT

What's this Taurus Full Moon all about?

The Full Moon in Taurus always happens when the Sun is in Scorpio, at Scorpio time of year. It makes an early arrival this season as the Sun changes signs on Tuesday, Libra to Scorpio and the Full Moon immediately follows. There are 30 degrees of each sign and this Full Moon is near 1 degree of Taurus, so that is about the earliest a Full Moon in Taurus can occur. Venus, Uranus and Saturn are the planets of influence as the Moon's light peaks. 
Moon at the same degree of Uranus leads to surprise relationship developments and unanticipated or unusual expenses. Uranus has this radical influence, increasing excitement and uncertainty. News and events may be the opposite of what you'd expect. Since Taurus relates to our work, finances and things we own, you may find yourself buying something expensive or dealing with a significant expense  you hadn't planned for. 
Venus across from t…

The Ultimate Intro to Restorative Yoga

This day long immersion is designed to teach you about restorative yoga. We will do restorative practices and postures all while learning about how and why restorative yoga benefits us all as human beings.

Yoga teachers can receive yoga alliance credits while learning how to incorporate restorative yoga into their practice. There's always more to learn, but after this day you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable if you want to offer some restorative or be able to sub classes as well as work with private clients.

Reiki healers, body workers, and others practitioners may learn how to set people comfortably and safely in restorative postures as they receive from you.

Anyone needing more calm, peace and a gentle yoga practice in their lives is welcome to attend. You maybe able to help family or friends with your restorative learning. Maybe you're considering more training in the future. It's fine to take this first!

October 20th 12-6 pm
Riverbend Yoga Studio (on Rte 1 in Yarm…