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Maine YogaFest Schedule is Live

I see those little green shoots and feel that sun breaking through the windy days. Thinking summer, visualize with me...

Maine YogaFest is June 28th-30th. Wonderful teachers gathering in a sweet Portland location to offer their best, plus this year Maine YogaFest has a social with DJ Raz Tashid on Saturday. If you think you have to be an advanced yogi with strong shoulders and perfect arm balances, think differently. There is something for everyone.

The schedule comes out March 15th and includes quieter, meditative yoga, presentations about abundance and intuition, feminist yoga, organic movement, self massage with tune up balls, and professional trainings this year.

I will offer a 6 credit hour training on Friday, June 28th and, if it's nice outside, we'll be under a tent  learning and practicing various ways to adjust vinyasa yoga for all bodies, how to do a balanced and complete pushup/hands free yoga practice, and also ways to incorporate hand mudras, breathing exercises a…

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