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Baby It's Cold Outside

Solstice Celebration

This cardinal hit my window hard twice today as if to say "Pay Attention!" I watched him flutter a little on the snow covered ground, but when I checked back later he was quiet and I thought he might be dead. I went outside to move his little body to a better resting place and found him alive! I picked him up and wrapped him in a dish towel and kept him warm in my hands for a while then let him go.
The Solstice is the arrival of "cardinal" energy as the Sun moves to Capricorn, one of the three cardinal signs; progress, action. Cardinals as totems represent transforming, awakening, and are impossible to ignore.  Both their color and their call are bold and attention getting. This one certainly got mine.

The longest night.

Turn toward light.

Wolf Moon December 31, 2009 will burn bright.
Blue Moon.

Three of cups. Three of Wolves.  If the wolf is your guide this is just for you.

in the Orion Nebula, From swirling gas, new stars are being born. (Timothy Steele)

Our Lady Peace (click for video)