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Circa Survive on the Road to Record Store Day

On April 16th, Circa Survive performed 2 sets to sold out audiences at Bull Moose Music in Portsmouth, NH. Anthony, Colin and Brendan also played acoustic and spent some time with me and Rob at WCYY that afternoon. I feel honored that they played live on the radio for the first time ever in their career at CYY! I found out just that afternoon that I would be hosting their appearance, and I was very happy and excited but also a little nervous, hoping everything would be just right!

And it was. It was the first time I've seen Anthony in about 18 or 19 months and I know alot has happened during that time. I mean, they've made a record! Think how much goes on in your life in a year and a half. I know I feel very different now than I did then. Colin and Brendan accompanied him. I've never met Brendan before. He loves Stephen King novels, and his Dad lives, or lived, in the Bangor area. I always used to read Colin's blogs and it was cool to talk with him about books off a…

Claudio Sanchez and the Coheed & Cambria Binge Day 3-28-10

On March 28, 2010 Claudio Sanchez played on his acoustic guitar and gave us a first hand view of the world of Coheed & Cambria. A full band set followed at Bull Moose Music for fans who have pre-ordered Year of the Black Rainbow, due on April 13th.  The night's show was sold out and exceptional, tearing through fan favorites like Time Consumer and closing with Wake Up and Welcome Home. The acoustic versions of "Far" and "Here We Are Juggernaut" are at this link. Look to the right. Podcasts Interview and video segments coming soon.