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Circa Survive, I like your moves! and the blinks of your eyes (click me baby)

setting: House of Blues in Boston, Ma. on Monday, May 17th
players: Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Torche

Action: Dropped Devin at Logan for the flight to France and drove on to Fenway area. Scored an awesome parking spot free 'til 8am. Hotel check in. Decent room. Ideal location near House of Blues.  Matt from one of labels has my tickets and I leave to meet him down on Landsdowne. Line! I've never seen a line like this for a HOB show! I hang by the box office to wait. Claudio goes inside for soundcheck. Anthony and someone else walk out after theirs. 10 minutes. Matt comes out of the venue and whisks me in the side door! Yeah. 

Claudio from Coheed is doing an acoustic soundcheck for fans. It's "Juggernaut" and it sounds as great as last time at CYY.  Sweet. I haven't eaten but no way I'm going to leave the venue again and get in that line.  I met some cool kids who were also standing along the rail that separates the floor from the first landing. That's my favorite spot.  They save my place to I can grab a pretty soggy slice and a Bud Light.  That will do. Food is merely for energy tonight anyhow. 

Torche was loud. Talented, sure. Very loud.

I know the set times so I'm counting minutes. 8 until Circa Survive at this point. Another Bud Light-or was that my third? No, it was numero dos now that I think of it.  Set times are on the dot. I love that.  

It's been, let's see, since London in September of 2007 that I have seen Circa Survive play a show (not counting Bull Moose for Road to Record Store Day this spring).  I can't believe it's been that long. I just edited this line 3 times and had to go back to photos to figure it out! 

First song of the set is the opening track on Blue Sky Noise! It makes me feel like my heart will squeeze right up my esophagus and out my mouth! Is that too much?


I could write more but let's just see another video instead. These aren't mine and I was over on the other side near Colin. My phone was about dead so I didn't take any pictures. I do have one taken by Lou from the VIP area where I watched the last 3 songs.  Anywho, here's maybe the 4th song or so where Anthony gives a shout to his brother Mike (and Mike's wife) who introduced him to rock n roll (side note: Mike, like Anthony, is an Aries).

"Stop the Fucking Car"

Pictures are few. 

 I admit I was backstage with Circa during some of Coheed and Cambria's show, but I could hear it all! If I hadn't just seen them play Port City Music Hall I wouldn't have missed a second. Since I had, I opted to hang in the Circa space for a while and absorb some of whatever chemical reaction that would bring on.  Then I watched the rest of the show from that little window you see up above the left side of the stage and I did take a few photos. The crowd had the Coheed fever and the band sounded amazing. I really wanted to be a crowd surfer during this show. Then again I had a dress on. 

Coheed and Cambria's set:

One / The Broken
Here We Are Juggernaut
Al the Killer
Everything Evil
World of Lines
Made Out of Nothing
Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow)
Pearl of the Stars
Time Consumer
No World for Tomorrow
Guns of Summer
A Favor House Atlantic
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Welcome Home

These are honestly my two favorite bands to see live right now. Could have seen Pearl Jam and Band of Horses across town instead, and I'm sure that was a spectacular show, but I'd choose these two again tomorrow. Or most any day.  


some questions that linger: Can the Irish not be analyzed or psychoanalyzed? Is AG the devil? Or a fallen angel? Are we all just bags of blood? Does all the battle just take away from the story in Avatar? and what about portals? Was Lou's air guitar to the Police song the best air guitar ever? ever!? Why can't working pass/gray haired Lou get a beer at the bar? Are they kidding? Will I ever meet the fourth Green brother? (Mike says not ever) Should I have just driven on to Montreal? Could Branden skate over the border? is the truth disguised in all your alibis?


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