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Marion Grace

slip away slip away slip away to Hawaii...
Someday you may hear music along with those words. July was a wave of eclipses, a trio of injuries including a blow to the head, lots of summer sun, and Marion Grace. A Portland based band I had previously seen just one time and was basically unfamiliar with opened the door of their practice space and an entry point to...whatever is down the winding hall behind door number one. It's so cliche to say it was magical. I just said it anyway.

It was after Alive at 5, and I was on my way home and the phone exchange along the lines of 'what are you doing right now?' 'driving home' 'want to come to our practice' 'where am I going? ok sure why not' 'it's by THE green tanks.' Well, you know there are a lot of tanks in this city, but a couple of calls and three band members' directions, and I found the spot. A picture of that night would be white waxing Moon, dark skies, cigarettes, holiday …