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Past Lives

Glimpses of a few past lives that I've recently become aware of.

A child bride of a lumberjack, probably about 20 years my senior, I lived in the 19th century (mid 1800s) and had children at around the age of 13 or 14. My spouse and I were highly intuitive with each other and also had a way with people and animals. If our family was threatened by wild animals, for example wolves, my husband or I could settle the animal and remove the threat. With humans, in a similar way, we could sit them down in our home and become allies or friends. We could negotiate to protect our lives and our interests. We could also "read each others minds".

As a young Puritan woman, I was forced to work very hard, carrying wood and doing other physical labor. I was aware of injustices around me, but my life would have been on the line were I to ever open my mouth. So I lived in a very repressed manner, thinking but never speaking my mind. I also had abilities as a healer that I could not practice since that would have been considered "witchcraft". Therefore I had to watch people suffer with the knowledge that I could have helped them. I had the power to "lay hands" and heal both animals and people, or in other cases lay them to their final rest. Yet this was an untapped gift. I was extremely oppressed in this lifetime.

This one is my favorite! In the West Indies in a time that can't be identified because of the setting being grass huts and tribal communities, I am a young boy near the threshold of manhood. In this vision/reading I hold a spear and am perched at the bow of a float or boat waiting to catch a very large fish that would help feed many people. I am free and proud and somewhat apart from others in my tribe, the reason being they know I am different. While others my age prepare for ceremonies and rituals and assignments of their adult life, I am recognized as a shaman or future chief, and so they watch me to see what I will do. My development is in my own hands.

One of two Franciscan Monks who were best friends and loved each other very much, I lived in Medieval times. As a duo we were rebels in our monastic community and often went out in the woods and smoked and may have indulged in other substances. We cared a great deal for each other and were "lovers" in a sense (though not necessarily homosexual lovers as we would imagine that in today's world).

About the Franciscans:

The Franciscans proved enormously popular because, like Francis himself, they fulfilled a desperate need... Unlike the older monastic orders, they were not bound to a cloistered life within the confines of a monastery. Thus They and the other great mendicant order created at that time, the Dominicans, constituted a mobile striking force which the church could utilize wherever it seemed necessary.

At that very moment there was a need for pastoral care in the cities, which had grown so rapidly that the old ecclesiastical structures were no longer adequate. The mendicants settled in the cities and developed a program of preaching and pastoral guidance so effective that the regular clergy were soon extremely jealous.

At that moment the universities were growing and the translation of Aristotle into Latin was challenging Christian scholars. The mendicants took up the challenge with gusto, and by the end of the thirteenth century most of the lead the scholars in the major universities were either Dominicans or Franciscans.

A religious order is based on a rule. The first rule of the Franciscan order, submitted to the pope in 1209, has long since disappeared from history. It was the rule of 1223, the third produced by Francis, which became the definitive one. It is still in use today.

this selection is taken from The Medieval Sourcebook, and at this link The Rule of the Franciscan order can also be found.

In this lifetime I grew up playing near my grandmother's statue of St. Francis. I was impressed with stories of his natural way with animals.


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