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Spirit Passages Next Workshop

Allie and Evie of Spirit Passages and True North have a one day workshop coming right up. You can still register. For more information scroll to my Shamanic Journey Weekend blog from last week.

If winter's been getting to you, this could be just what you need.


Lululemon hit the Portland market last spring with a showroom in the Old Port! For yoga and athletic wearers to finally be able to buy right here in a showroom rather than online! What some of us probably didn't know was that Jen Selwood, who is also a hot yoga instructor at Maine Bikram Yoga in Portland and Hart Yoga in Brunswick, would work so hard to create and grow a great fitness community and make it so much fun! Lululemon's Portland spot, on the corner of Milk and Market across from the Regency, offers complimentary classes, often on weekend mornings.  The space is great, with nice wood floor and plenty of windows.  The showroom is comfortable and the "ambassadors" in the showroom are friendly and helpful and can answer all your questions as well as happily converse about where they "got their sweat on" any given day.  They frequent yoga, pilates, and other body sculpting classes and go for morning runs.  Lululemon's gear is not just for yoga tho…