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Maine Bikram Yoga: Open House Saturday November 5th

On Saturday Maine Bikram Yoga will open their doors to all with an Open House and free classes throughout the day at 9 and 11 am and 2 and 4 pm.  Childcare will be provided for all classes so you can enjoy a 90 minute yoga experience without worry about the kids.  In fact, you and your significant other can both go!

Bikram is a very unique hot yoga that was designed as a healing practice.  During each 90 minute session in a room heated over 100 degrees, you engage in the same series of balancing and floor postures each and every time. Millimeters matter! That is one of the premises Bikram is based upon. We make progress in small amounts over time and with practice.  Bikram is a wonderful physical workout, and with regular practice you will build muscle tone and most will lose weight. I sometimes describe my Bikram classes as providing the benefits of a massage, chiropractic adjustment and facial all in one.  Bikram makes your skin glow, your body change, and taps your innate "foun…