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Magick Bridges

I recently stopped by Magick Bridges in Scarborough, and I'm not sure why it took me so long! I've known Dede Russell Eaton who formerly owned the Magick Closet in Portland since she had her original shop in Woodford's Corner which later moved to Forest Ave. She told me months ago about the new shop and collaboration with her business partner, Leslie Dutton. Leslie, after moving to Maine from various cities including Cincinnati, Ohio, had been running Secret Bridges and doing her psychic medium work and meeting with clients and groups in her home. Blending Magick from Dede's business and Bridges from Leslie's own was her lighthearted suggestion months earlier. Like all manifestations, it started with that random thought and came to fruition as Magick Bridges was born of their combined vision and effort near Dunstan Corner in Scarborough, at the intersection of Payne Road and route 1 south.

Magick Bridges is a shop where you can go to browse and buy, but it is a…

Magick Bridges

Magick Bridges in Scarborough blog coming soon. I visited  there for the first time yesterday, and I want to show and tell. Their Spirit and Dream Group was full last night (and free!) and tonight, (Thursday), Dede leads Primus Activation Healing Meditation

Check back soon to see and find out more!

Happy Summer days and nights!

Robin Ivy