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I recently stopped by Magick Bridges in Scarborough, and I'm not sure why it took me so long! I've known Dede Russell Eaton who formerly owned the Magick Closet in Portland since she had her original shop in Woodford's Corner which later moved to Forest Ave. She told me months ago about the new shop and collaboration with her business partner, Leslie Dutton. Leslie, after moving to Maine from various cities including Cincinnati, Ohio, had been running Secret Bridges and doing her psychic medium work and meeting with clients and groups in her home. Blending Magick from Dede's business and Bridges from Leslie's own was her lighthearted suggestion months earlier. Like all manifestations, it started with that random thought and came to fruition as Magick Bridges was born of their combined vision and effort near Dunstan Corner in Scarborough, at the intersection of Payne Road and route 1 south.

Magick Bridges is a shop where you can go to browse and buy, but it is also a center of empowerment and education for those who are seeking to learn, experience, and perhaps meet others who are doing the same! Dede explained "We support people on their own path of discovery" and Leslie responded "Somebody write that down!" And I did. The business partners say they love to see others grow and open. At Magick Bridges there are many options from choosing a book on astrology, healing and natural remedies, to crystals, a tarot card deck or meditation cd to use on your own, to attending a group workshop or individual session. Some possibilities, depending on your interest or need, include:

Leslie's Spirit and Dream group at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings, which is by donation and usually includes near 20 people who want to just discuss their dreams and metaphysical experiences with others

Dede's Primus Activation Meditation group on the 2nd Thursday of the month where she teaches relaxation, grounding and how to focus meditation from the heart and provides time for discussion

Dede's Rock Talk on stones and crystals featuring information and learning on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 pm ($11.00)

Reiki healings with Maureen McGrath who is also known for her Grandmother Moon Spirit Gardening

Primus Activation Healing Sessions with Dede Eaton to facilitate healing and aid in shifting energy in the mind, body and spirit

Psychic Medium Sessions with Leslie Dutton who communicates with the spirits of deceased loved ones and provides support and encouragement to clients who have lost someone recently or are in the process of preparing to

Magick Bridges also has tarot readers and other psychics on the schedule weekly.

On Sunday, July 15th, they will host a Psychic Fair from 11 am to 5pm outdoors at their location, 605 US Rte. One Scarborough, Maine. Experience a variety of Magick Bridges providers including a Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, and other readers. They will be donating a portion of all proceeds from that day's events.

Internationally Known Psychic Medium, Chris Moon, known for his show on Coast to Coast (radio) and his use of The Spirit Phone will host group readings and private readings on September 21st and 22nd. Space is limited so call to reserve a spot for either type of reading at 730-7134. Chris Moon will be appearing with Paulette Huff who will also host private readings on the 22nd and can be booked now as well!

Ten Reasons to Make friend with Magick Bridges!

10. Go shopping for locally crafted items like Dream Catcher or Door Harps. Artists and crafters include The Captain's Wife (sea glass jewelry), Holly Stack (feng shui globes), Steve Eaton (grounding rods and door harps) to name a few!

9. It's Air Conditioned and the energy feels great! Take a break from the heat.

8. It's fun to talk to Leslie and Dede. I spent at least an hour there just chatting and we hit all kinds of interesting topics!

7. You're not feeling like your best self. Some energy or healing work might be just what you need to restore and recharge.

6. Find other like minded people to share dreams and other metaphysical experiences with at a gathering such as the Wednesday night Spirit and Dream Group.

5. Learn something new! There's lots to explore here.

4. You're approaching a decision making time. Some insight through a tarot reading or a psychic medium session or even a book that attracts you might help you feel more confident.

3. You're a skeptic. Skepticism is encouraged. Ask questions, explore, then decide what you think or believe.

2. You're lacking this kind of outlet. You used to have a favorite metaphysical store or spiritual center, but it changed or closed or isn't as satisfying as it used to be. Magick Bridges could be your new go-to.

1. Dede and Leslie are open and friendly, and I really think you'll enjoy meeting them and finding out more about the services they provide and practitioners they invite to join them.

Let me know how you like it! I know I'll be frequenting the place more now that I stepped in the door this July. 

Find out more at and for daily updates and events, Like Magick Bridges on Facebook

You'll feel welcomed at the front door! Inside be sure to check out Door Harps for your own entrance. Musical and magical, they are crafted locally by Steve Eaton.

Dede and Leslie have done a beautiful job creating their space!! While there's plenty to capture your interest, for browsing and buying, the shop is arranged in sections so it's not overwhelming. Feng shui balance in practice here!

The shop leads to two rooms designated for readings and healing work, such as Leslie's psychic medium sessions and Dede's Primus Activation Meditation work. Magick Bridges also hosts other guest readers and healers frequently.

Dede Russell Eaton and Leslie Dutton at Magick Bridges


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