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Procrastination & Yoga

I'm somewhat of a procrastinator though I have a yoga type of explanation for my tendency to wait. I think although I don't always seem to be taking physical action to get things done, my brain continues to do the work in both waking and sleeping hours. When the moment hits I go into the project or process full force and everything tends to fall together. I don't stress about it much either, although I question myself as in "Why are you not doing what you know you need to do?" A few examples of procrastination right now include planting flower and garlic bulbs, finishing a garden project before the ground freezes, cleaning out a side of the garage for my car to sleep in at night, and practicing yoga instruction out loud for the following postures which I am practice teaching on October 27th. Writing it out definitely means I'm one step away from putting it off any longer.

 This posture can help sciatica, and I think it's also a good chest opener. If you…

200 Hours Blog 1

200 hours of in class teacher training designed by Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School, more hours of practice, study, assisting, observing, and reflecting, and I will be officially eligible for certification to teach yoga.  A few years ago my friend Angie who owns a studio predicted I would become an instructor before too long, and I am often approached and asked questions by students when I'm preparing for to practice. A yoga friend recently said her husband told her he met another yoga teacher with Angie at the beach. Well, that was me he met, but no one ever said I was a teacher! It's been sort of mystifying that people have assumed and for some reasons seen me as a teacher. I really have little idea why that's been the case, but by the end of March, any one will be correct in assuming my teacher status! I was compelled to do a training at this time after passing up the chance two years ago. It was one of those times when I would do anything to make it happen. I…

Hart Yoga for Hot Yoga in Brunswick, Maine !

I start Vinyasa style yoga teacher training on Saturday, October 6th! I can hardly believe the date has come, and I'm off on a new adventure which I expect will be a real challenge. I'm ready! In fact, I could not let this chance to train go by after considering teacher training nearly two years ago, at a time when I just wasn't in the right frame of mind or place in life.  I'll be studying with Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School through March in a 200 hour certification process.

I usually practice yoga at least a few times a week and I choose hot classes 99% of the time. One of my favorite places to go when I have the time to commute is Hart Yoga on Stanwood Street in Brunswick. Vicki Hart, owner and instructor, is Bikram certified. She was one of my teachers and I got to know her at Maine Bikram Yoga in Portland. She opened the studio in Brunswick in 2010. It's a beautiful space and so welcoming! Right now Vicki, with the help of two other certified instr…

Coastal Humane Society

Last Friday I adopted a new dog. She's actually a 1 year old dog who arrived in Maine from Alabama on Wednesday, September 26th. I visited her that day. See, her face appeared on my facebook stream as one of a group of dogs on their way to find new homes here. Interestingly, she reminded me of both my previous dogs. I lost Guinness at nearly 17 years old back in April, and I was planning to give myself a break from dog ownership mostly because I am starting yoga teacher training and I thought when I finish in the spring the timing might be better. A few days prior I put a picture of Guinness by my Buddha and then Paisley's adoption photo showed itself online. Her face reminded me of him, but her coloring was like my border collie and I had her pegged for a border-husky. She might in fact be since later I saw her listed as a husky mix. On the day I went to see her I put a treat in front of Guinness's picture as if to ask for his blessing if this was the right match!

I decide…
Permaculture in September! Fruit Tree Polycultures David and Gretchen of Post Carbon Designs helped me select two fruit trees for part of my yard that's been basically open (but wasted) space. I'm hoping to use it more productively and use the trees as a buffer for the tennis courts and playground next door. My fence is falling down and I'd rather use my resources to plant and re-scape than to replace it. It hasn't quite fallen down yet, but more trees will also give me more buffer from the land outside my property line on that end.
David led a workshop on choosing plants for a fruit tree polyculture. He added Black Locust tree shoots to add nitrogen to the ground in that part of the yard and support the other plants.  The system created by the fruit trees, other pollinators, and plants and  herbs like horseradish, comfrey, white clover, onion, more chives and strawberries split off my plants closer to the house make up the polyculture surrounding each tree.
Buckets o…