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200 hours of in class teacher training designed by Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School, more hours of practice, study, assisting, observing, and reflecting, and I will be officially eligible for certification to teach yoga.  A few years ago my friend Angie who owns a studio predicted I would become an instructor before too long, and I am often approached and asked questions by students when I'm preparing for to practice. A yoga friend recently said her husband told her he met another yoga teacher with Angie at the beach. Well, that was me he met, but no one ever said I was a teacher! It's been sort of mystifying that people have assumed and for some reasons seen me as a teacher. I really have little idea why that's been the case, but by the end of March, any one will be correct in assuming my teacher status! I was compelled to do a training at this time after passing up the chance two years ago. It was one of those times when I would do anything to make it happen. I had to, and that's when you know it's right!

Mind you, I do not have an agenda as to where or how I want to guide others in their practice. Will it be a studio or a another type of health facility, a gym or an alternative healing space? Will I teach privately or in the community or start my own business? I don't even feel I need to know the answer or the outcome right now. I am just in it to "win it", meaning I want to challenge myself and see where the journey takes me. That's usually how it works anyway.

Like with this blog where I thought I'd write something about each day or weekend of training. Yet after 3 days I'm left with too much in my head to sort out and in conversation it comes in themes, like this is the physical experience I had or this is what I'm learning or the kind of people I'm meeting, or hey, this posture is new to me as of the weekend. Want to try it?

This posture IS new to me as of Sunday and it's wild because I was assigned to teach it next time to the group. AND because we were told it is uncomfortable for most people and the group agreed, however I feel 98% comfortable in this pose. It's easy to set up so try it and let me know how it is for you. It's called Arch Massage.

Why would one want arch massage? Well, whether we think about it or not, our feet take a beating in day to day life. It's not just standing and walking or running or hard, rough surfaces either. Think about the shoes or boots your feet are prisoners in most days! More feet are overstretched, strained, traumatized or otherwise injured than their owners realize! A lot of feet are just tired too!

Arch massage is helpful for plantar fasciitis. Since so many nerves run through the feet, connecting to the meridians in the body that channel to the organs, the stimulation goes beyond just the soles of the feet.  Feet are a place of energetic release as well, so try rubbing or pressuring something out with some arch massage and let me know how it goes!

Pad your knees with a folded blanket or fold over part of your mat if you need a gentle surface for your knees. The top of your left foot should be flat on the floor, and cross your right foot over your left so the top of the right foot is resting in the arch of your bottom foot. You can rest your hands on your thighs. With the bony part of the top foot is in the softer, meatier arch of the left foot, rock a bit ;eft to right, side to side.  Feel how the distribution of your weight to right and left massages the arch of the bottom foot. Take about 10 or 15 breaths in through the nose and fill your ribcage with breath and then release it through the nose each time. Rest your hands on the floor in front of you to table top position and tap out the tops of your feet on the floor or mat for release.

Repeat on the other side with your left foot rested on top of the sole of the right foot, bony top of left foot into right arch. Rock side to side and remember to breathe deeply in and out through the nose to a count of 5 in and slowly releasing. Take the same number of breaths on this side as you did on the other.

Return hands to the floor and taking table top pose, tap the tops of your feet on the floor!

You might go from here into a downward facing dog. Or you might just put your shoes and socks back on and get back to what you were doing.


This is not me or anyone I know! It came from


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