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Hart Yoga for Hot Yoga in Brunswick, Maine !

I start Vinyasa style yoga teacher training on Saturday, October 6th! I can hardly believe the date has come, and I'm off on a new adventure which I expect will be a real challenge. I'm ready! In fact, I could not let this chance to train go by after considering teacher training nearly two years ago, at a time when I just wasn't in the right frame of mind or place in life.  I'll be studying with Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School through March in a 200 hour certification process.

I usually practice yoga at least a few times a week and I choose hot classes 99% of the time. One of my favorite places to go when I have the time to commute is Hart Yoga on Stanwood Street in Brunswick. Vicki Hart, owner and instructor, is Bikram certified. She was one of my teachers and I got to know her at Maine Bikram Yoga in Portland. She opened the studio in Brunswick in 2010. It's a beautiful space and so welcoming! Right now Vicki, with the help of two other certified instructors, is teaching the schedule of heated Hatha yoga classes (aka Bikram). The schedule includes evening classes on Sunday-Thursday and some morning classes too. Find times and information at Monday, October 1st,  I attended 5:30 practice to kick off my week leading into teacher training weekend coming up.  There were about a dozen of us in class and the room was nice and hot though not very humid. Perfect at about 101-102 degrees, I'd guess. I find Vicki to be a really motivating, but also easygoing, instructor.  She's the kind of person who would be a good teacher no matter what her subject, like a teacher you'd remember from 5th or 6th grade maybe. (I hope she doesn't mind me saying that since it's a compliment!) You feel comfortable in her presence.

I was almost late from the commute, and hoping I'd get there on time, so I arrived a little bit less relaxed than I would normally. Still, I settled right in and had a great class! There seemed to be a couple of first time students there and everyone was on board with great energy regardless of experience. We did the 26 posture routine and breathing exercises. I went home just about ready to sleep...that good kind of "yoga tired" that I sometimes feel, especially after evening class.

So there are a couple of special prices I want you to know about. In October, new students to Hart Yoga can buy a one month unlimited pass for only $59 as long as it's purchased on first visit to the studio! That's a great deal and you can go as much as you like! I remember when I started Bikram Yoga I did several classes on a new student special and got totally hooked. I've never stopped since.

The other special for current students is a 10% discount on a ten class pass. If you've been wanting to go back or to practice more in the cooler weather or just save a few bucks, this one's for you!

I'm going to show you a few pictures of the studio. I love this studio for a few reasons including the lighting, flooring and the fact there are pine trees outside the back window. The flooring is very unique and designed for hot yoga specifically. It's called PEM yoga flooring and it has great traction and doesn't hold the smell of sweat. I like how it feels on the feet. It's like a little bit of massage since it has texture.

The lighting is custom designed and seems just right both when it's fully bright during the standing series and when it's dimmed for the  floor postures.

This is the back room and changing area. There are curtained dressing rooms and two baths, one with a shower.

Lighting creates the environment.

The view as you walk into the studio.

I'm in the back there! You can see me in the mirror. This posture happens during the standing series, closer to the beginning of class. Vicki follows the Bikram sequence in all current classes at Hart Yoga.

If you are a practicing instructor of yoga, pilates, dance, meditation, massage or other bodywork, Vicki will sub-lease space where you can run your own classes or business during the hours she doesn't offer classes. There's plenty of share time, so contact her for information and you too could invite your clients to this beautiful space. 

Contact Information
Phone:( 207) 729-9273
Address: 25 Stanwood Street, Suite B
Brunswick,ME 04011


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