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Permaculture in September! Fruit Tree Polycultures

David and Gretchen of Post Carbon Designs helped me select two fruit trees for part of my yard that's been basically open (but wasted) space. I'm hoping to use it more productively and use the trees as a buffer for the tennis courts and playground next door. My fence is falling down and I'd rather use my resources to plant and re-scape than to replace it. It hasn't quite fallen down yet, but more trees will also give me more buffer from the land outside my property line on that end.

David led a workshop on choosing plants for a fruit tree polyculture. He added Black Locust tree shoots to add nitrogen to the ground in that part of the yard and support the other plants.  The system created by the fruit trees, other pollinators, and plants and  herbs like horseradish, comfrey, white clover, onion, more chives and strawberries split off my plants closer to the house make up the polyculture surrounding each tree.

Buckets of wood chips and compost ready to go!
 Area around the apple tree with newspaper and cardboard to prevent grass and weed growth

David explains the process.

Selection of plants for the polyculture

The group gets hands on training! What better way to remember what you learn!
finished project!

Black Locust shoots behind this pear tree polyculture

Elderberry gets some extra nourishment

See much more including hoop houses for extended season growing  by visiting Post Carbon Designs at this Facebook link!


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