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Procrastination & Yoga

I'm somewhat of a procrastinator though I have a yoga type of explanation for my tendency to wait. I think although I don't always seem to be taking physical action to get things done, my brain continues to do the work in both waking and sleeping hours. When the moment hits I go into the project or process full force and everything tends to fall together. I don't stress about it much either, although I question myself as in "Why are you not doing what you know you need to do?" A few examples of procrastination right now include planting flower and garlic bulbs, finishing a garden project before the ground freezes, cleaning out a side of the garage for my car to sleep in at night, and practicing yoga instruction out loud for the following postures which I am practice teaching on October 27th. Writing it out definitely means I'm one step away from putting it off any longer.

 This posture can help sciatica, and I think it's also a good chest opener. If you're feeling awake and warmed up a little, try it and see how your balance is today. 

Crescent Lunge from downward dog: From a standing position, find the floor with your hands and walk them forward (to the front of your mat if you're using one) into downward facing dog. Your feet are hip distance apart and your heels stretch toward the floor. Your wrists align directly underneath your shoulders, fingers spread wide pressing into the floor. Your body forms a V as your hips reach for the ceiling. Your right foot steps forward to your right hand. Your feet can be train track with the front foot a bit to the right and the back foot a bit to the left for balance, but not too far apart. Raise both arms high alongside your ears, reaching toward the ceiling. Keep your right knee above your right ankle, making sure it does not stretch further forward than the knee. Your back leg is strong. Feel free to keep a bend in the knee to any degree that feels comfortable for you. Tuck your tailbone a bit pointing it toward the floor. Your hips are square to the front of the room. As your arms stretch high, your fingers are alive and your may spread them wide apart. Keep your shoulders soft, pulling them down away from your ears. Continue to breathe.

Let's take 5 breaths in and out the nose. Your breathing will help keep your balance. Release your hands to the floor and we'll meet in downward facing dog. Take your vinyasa if you wish between sides or find your downward dog for a few breaths.

 When you're ready bring your left foot to left hand. Raise your arms to the ceiling with active hands, keeping your shoulders away from the ears. Your pinky fingers are slightly turned inward toward the front of the room. Your gaze is forward. Tuck your tailbone down and pull your ribcage in rather than sticking it out forward. Make sure your left knee is over the left ankle and not beyond it. Feel your knee move toward your baby toe and keep the knee from caving inward. Press the ball of your back foot into the floor and if you like, keep any amount of bend in your right knee. Take a few deep breaths in Crescent lunge.
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