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Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 3

Sunday 9:36 pm

Status: Sore, tired, a lot going on in the head

Event of the weekend (physical): Supported flying backbend assist by David Vendetti

Event of the weekend (mental/emotional): 20 minute breathing exercise that induced dream like vision

Take away of the weekend: 5 "Laws" to live by

1.) Choose freedom first. It's a big statement or directive, yet this is one I knew. You must have freedom within your family, within your relationships, within your work. You have to be making choices and taking responsibility for your self, your own happiness, how much is reasonable to take on and manage or be involved. Without guilt or co dependence and with physical and mental health as a priority for yourself, learn how to say yes and no and negotiate and make decisions that correspond to your truth. Even as a parent, a child, and a partner, you must first be, and remain, or move closer to being, free. No one can make you happy, except for you.

2.) Face everything. Avoid nothin…