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Yoga Teacher Training Weekend 3

Sunday 9:36 pm

Status: Sore, tired, a lot going on in the head

Event of the weekend (physical): Supported flying backbend assist by David Vendetti

Event of the weekend (mental/emotional): 20 minute breathing exercise that induced dream like vision

Take away of the weekend: 5 "Laws" to live by

1.) Choose freedom first. It's a big statement or directive, yet this is one I knew. You must have freedom within your family, within your relationships, within your work. You have to be making choices and taking responsibility for your self, your own happiness, how much is reasonable to take on and manage or be involved. Without guilt or co dependence and with physical and mental health as a priority for yourself, learn how to say yes and no and negotiate and make decisions that correspond to your truth. Even as a parent, a child, and a partner, you must first be, and remain, or move closer to being, free. No one can make you happy, except for you.

2.) Face everything. Avoid nothing. Take care of it without avoidance, without being passive or trying to manipulate. Be honest and direct and deal with things as they come. No games. No drama.

3.) The law of volitionality. Accept responsibility for your life up until now. Whatever you experienced, it is your past and it can be put in its place. If life hasn't been ideal, the idea is not to live in that dumping ground with baggage forever. Acknowledge it, own it and move on. This has been your/my life until now. Okay, so what's next? What are you going to do to improve your life now?

4.) Nothing is personal. Consult The 4 Agreements to put this in greater context. My version is this: People act and respond and speak in ways that we can find judgmental or hurtful or insensitive, but it's not about you. Most of the time that is something about themselves being reflected. We choose our actions, reactions and responses. Judgments on ourselves can be harshest at times. Don't even make what you see as your faults or flaws personal to you because those perceived flaws are universal and common. Other people around you often see you as much more beautiful, talented and worthy than the way you see yourself. Let go of self judgment and don't be concerned with the judgments of other people. Take responsibility for your feelings and reactions and let go of that "personal" slight thing. It's not worth it.

 5.) If you can't do it for yourself do it for someone else. Oh how many times have I said this! If you can't love yourself enough to choose freedom first and be healthy, do it for someone else. Do it so your kids don't have to carry it around as a legacy. Do it for the greater good. Do it because it will have a ripple effect. Do it so your parents can rest easy about the adult you've transformed into. Become free for the effect it has on our/your world. Finally, do good things just because. It feels good. Make someone's day and you make your own. I have the luxury of being able to make someone's day nearly every day because of the work I do. Recently, I gave my story to some woman who called me looking for an astrology reading. I told her the astrological picture and then said, ok now I'm stepping back from that and I'm giving you my own experience. For what it's worth, maybe consider this...I've been through similar, here's my story. I don't know yet what happened, but I do know that authentic sharing with strong, good intent could only lead her to try, or decide now is not right, but when the time is, she will remember. We can give gifts that cost nothing so easily, any day. A deed, a thought, an intention, a prayer, a hand.




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