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Songs for the Sun Salutation

image by Debbie Miller

It's been a while since I've had the time and energy to blog. One reason is because I've been doing lots of readings lately and that's good! With all the shifts in the earth and universe, we're in a time period like none of us have ever lived through, I believe! Everyone's biggest struggles are coming up for resolution in the here and now.  Also, many people are finding their place of balance and acting as healers and teachers, and some of us are doing al of the above! Hence, all the readings providing additional light and insight and affirmations or even warnings about the journey. Informed is empowered!

My yoga community in and out of teacher training (with Jacqui Bonwell and Sacred Seeds Yoga School) is absolutely awesome. Namaste.

In spite of my struggle to learn and rehearse and solidify teaching the salutations (that I know so well in practice, oddly enough), there are songs and meditations I associate with them that I want to send…