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Say No to GMOs

I've made Non GMO shopping and eating very intentional since I learned about Genetically Modified foods. Buying organic products is one easy way to know you won't get GMO ingredients or derivatives without reading through every label. For example, if something has organic canola oil, that's fine while canola oil not organic is probably genetically modified.  When you do read labels, these are red flags for GMO content:

Invisible GM Ingredients: Processed foods often have hidden GM sources (unless they are organic or declared non-GMO). The following are ingredients that may be made from GMOs.. Aspartame, also called NutraSweet®, Equal Spoonful®, Canderel®, BeneVia®, E951 baking soda canola oil (rapeseed) caramel color cellulose citric acid cobalamin (Vit. B12) colorose condensed milk confectioners sugar corn flour corn gluten corn masa corn meal corn oil corn sugar corn syrup cornstarch cyclodextrin cystein dextrin dextrose diacetyl diglyceride erythritol Equal food starch …

Yoga All Over! 30 Day Challenge Online

Restart or rev up your practice? Beginner? You can use a dvd or find all sorts of resources online, for example on youtube, if you can't join a studio nearby. Look at your local options though because many studios give you a first class free or do great 2 week or one month special prices for new students and there's nothing like sweating it out or om-ing with the group energy for inspiration. I'm doing this 30 day challenge and I know I can't get to the studio every day, but my first class was back to Bikram, the place I truly got hooked on yoga over 9 years ago. It was my first class there in 3 months and the room was extra humid, but I feel incredibly good today!   The instructor left us with this quote: "Things turn out the best when you make the best of how things turn out" My 2nd day will most likely be a home practice since I have a busy work day and my dog's time outside is a big priority in my days too. Join the group on facebook and follow along! It…