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Yoga-astrology Workshop May 18th at Hart Yoga in Brunswick, Maine

Did you know Aries is the sign of the head and forward folds benefit Aries as well as all signs during times of anxiety?

Cancer is the sign of the chest and heart openers balance Cancer's tendency to protect their own feelings and enhances the receptive nature of the sign of the crab!

In this workshop I'll introduce you to the body parts, systems and chakras relationship to each sign of the zodiac and you'll experience two postures for each sign. This vinyasa sequence will focus on feeling the postures and will be slower than a usual flow class.  You will learn postures you can do at home to balance with the astrological energies in your character and also through out the Moon phases of the month.

The session will include gallery readings, discussion and questions for each sign of the zodiac present and an explanation of this spring's eclipses and other astrological activity.

Bring a mat and water and get ready for two hours of yoga-strology immersion!

The postures …


The weekend was beach walks, seaglass, and rediscoveries while clearing out clutter. low, low tide 
a hopeful reading for myself and two for others
 this one appeared.
Milkman's Union always touch my musical soul
a record store day mission with great success
the blue topaz layers well with the new lab piece I'd like to thank whoever took this. 
Sunday night in a basement I heard Stefan Pierce sing his songs for the first time. Beautiful. Listen.