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Zodiac Yoga at Satya Sanctuary Portland, Maine

This is my end of June and July schedule. One workshop may be added for late in the month so check back.

Join me Saturdays June 29th, July 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th at 12 to 1:15 pm at 578 Congress Street. Satya Sanctuary opened in May and I really love the space. It's upstairs from Strange Maine across from the Forest Ave intersection. Come a few minutes early to sign in! Zodiac Yoga for the week's Moon, Sun and planetary aspects. Yoga and insight for your week all in one!

July 7th a full workshop events with two sets of yoga for all 12 signs, 2 postures each, and gallery style readings at Satya, a very intimate space. I have room for 10 maximum so register now!

Time: 6:00-8:30 pm
Place: 578 Congress St
           Portland, Maine and you can paypal or send a check by June 30th.

The workshops are so cool! I feel like we're all friends by the time we leave.
I would love to meet you or see some of you there again!

Here are a few comments from classes and…

Good Food! Casco Bay Organics

I've been getting produce this summer from Casco Bay Organics, a new delivery service and there is no extra charge for getting produce delivered right to your door! Nice. I've been pleased with my first two boxes at $29.00 each. I get the small box but there are other options. Go to to find out more

I've gotten avocado, all kinds of greens including kale, fair trade bananas, peaches, mango, tomato, and several more items.

Here's a blurb from this week's order email. We'll have peas this week and berries soon!

You get an email Tuesday, look at the list, let them know if you need any substitutes and voila on Thursday afternoon you get your order!

Sounds delicious! Not being a very regular food shopper and living solo at the moment, this is working out great so I eat more veggies and don't go hungry! I grow my own strawberries so I've made some sweet blender drinks with the greens and mangoes. Rock on CBO!

My Fellow Foodies! I hav…

Rasa Lila Festival

I'm really pleased to be presenting at Rasa Lila Fest in Odessa, Florida the weekend of October 4th and 5th! 

 I'll explore the connection between yoga and astrology! If you're attending please add my Facebook page for updates. (add it anyway for yoga and astrology of all kinds!)

 Happy Summer! Enjoy the water somewhere soon! 


Photos by Dylan Verner

June 9, 2013 at Spring Point, South Portland, Maine

Robin's Zodiac Yoga: Mudra of Wholeness & Fish Pose

Stay in touch! Sign up for Zodiac & Yoga News & Events! June 23rd Join me at Freeport Yoga Company for a Full Moon workshop with yoga and readings for all signs. Register on FYC website link above!

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 3rd to 8th 2013

Planets newly in Cancer as we move toward a New Moon on Saturday! This week's colors are in here too. There's more at Robin's Zodiac Zone

Zodiac Yoga: Mutable Signs

Our fingers are like antennae bringing information to the brain and energy centers. The mudra is an energy seal for a feeling of well being as well as to balance water content in the body. Robin's Zodiac Yoga for Mercury and Venus in water sign Cancer, the Pisces feet and Gemini hands.