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Yogani Hosts RoZoYo Yoga & Readings on October 19th

Join me at my first workshop in Tampa! Registration is on now!

Yoga postures for all signs with info on how the planets & signs relate to our bodies and minds!

Astrology readings will focus on the October 18th and November 4th eclipses in Aries & Scorpio!

Bernie & Burdie's Yoga Ventures

HI Everyone!

I taught my first Tampa class at Jai Dee Yoga last night & it felt so great! Next week's class will be about relaxing the mind & releasing problematic thoughts as well as focusing on wrists and hands. Nervous system and upper extremities in focus, under Gemini Moon waning.

Jai Dee Yoga is on N. Florida in Tampa & really easy to get to.  Please tell your friends here!

In fact, share all of this post since different people may relate to different things I have to tell you. Thanks!

My neighbor back in Maine, Burdie Burd, is a yoga teacher who specializes in working with Parkinson's patients.  If you know anyone who has experienced this disease you know how valuable any improvement in quality of life is to them and their families.  Support her new dvd for Parkinson's patients. She's been making it for many months now.

My friend who did teacher training with  me, Bernie McDonald, is…

Two Weeks out of Radio, One Week out of Maine

Just saying hello! The first week away from Maine has flown! I'm a week into my "new year" that started with my birthday which was also the day I crosses the first state border. I thought of funny things on the road like Hercules 12 tasks (well I did cross 12 state borders and getting ready to move out of my home for 13 years was a huge feat in itself!), and The Chariot tarot card. 7 happens to be my number and Jared's number too so we share soul purpose ;). Taking it a step further, this place he chose as our place is a 7 too and so was the day I arrived.

I guess this is where I should say if you would like a numerology reading to find out your number, the symbology and what it means to you this year, I can do that for a very reasonable fee.

Consider that fee a donation to my new site which is my next thing to be a bit impatient about! I hope to have it up and running asap since I have lots of things I need to get in one place, streamlined and organized.  If you can…

The RoZoYo Team

I'm working to evolve Robin's Zodiac Zone and Yoga, merging this into one entity with one website, streamlined and organized with more content all in one place on the web. Everything is now part of RoZoYo, the fusion of Robin's Zodiac Zone and my newer yoga series of workshops and classes based on astrology.

I also coach and teach other vinyasa styles of yoga and can customize yoga to help you achieve your own personal goals or for your workplace.  

I will continue to do readings, both astrology and tarot, online, by email and by phone or video chat as a special request.  My services will be outlined on the new site. For now you can email me at for any of the above.

My team is stellar!

Logo: Maia Snow (Portland, Maine artist)
Web Design: Devin Ivy (of The Big Room in Portland, Maine)
Yoga Photography: Dylan Verner of Falmouth, Maine
Attorneys: Chelsea Callanan & Zeke  Callanan of  Opticliff in Portland, Maine

This is the indiegogo campaign I'm doing. I…

Coming soon...RoZoYo

Robin's Zodiac Zone is due for an upgrade, and I'm merging my astrology and yoga services and content all under one new site. It's been in the works, but you know things like this don't happen overnight and they require some investment.

I had some messages from Zodiac readers and enthusiasts about helping support my new endeavors somehow. As a result I created an indiegogo campaign and if you'd like to be a part of it and be listed personally or as a business for your support, that would be great!

This is the link with all the info. Much appreciated. I hope to evolve the site in ways you will enjoy and find useful!

Thank you!

Robin's Zodiac Zone & Yoga Evolves: link here

Goodbye Portland! The Official Party