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Maine in December!

See you soon in Portland, South Portland, and West Falmouth for special classes and workshops at Breathing Room and Greener Postures studios!

The Breathing Room on Broadway in South Portland will host a very special New Moon Yoga class! I am very happy to bring RoZoYo back to Breathing Room after an awesome summer workshop there!

We'll practice in harmony with December's Sagittarius New Moon of movement and change! Invite and align with this energy with a vinyasa flow designed for the season!  During the practice, you will learn more about how yoga relates to the winter signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces in body, mind and spirit and how the New Moon relates to all signs!  You'll get a good workout to warm those muscles, new astrological perspective, and a generous savasana. Maximize and replenish your energy as we head into winter with this special class. All levels welcome!

Register now at

Friday, December 6th, 12 Noon to 1:30 $20


Readings and other Services

Yes I can design a yoga practice or do a reading for you! Pick what you like and what best suits your current need. If you're not sure, email me and I'll help you decide.

Based on your current physical condition and any life transitions I can design a home based yoga practice exactly suited to your specifications. Meditation is included in yoga services and there can be as much meditation or as much physical practice as is right for you. One hour could include, for example, 5 minutes of breath work, 40 minutes of yoga and a 15 minute meditation and integrative savasana for example. Or you could have a 20 minute yoga practice with breathing and postures designed just for you.

Yoga Services
Online Coaching & Individualized Practice

$75 for the hour which includes an introduction to the practice in an online video lesson.
$25 for subsequent sessions as needed

Yoga Class Online

$12 per participant. Book at least 3 days in advance. Get your friends together and yoga with me on google …

This Week in Tampa

I will be substitute teaching Prana Flow at Jai Dee Yoga on Tuesday night at 7:30 pm on October 15th
Drop in!

Wednesday, October 16th, it's an Aries/Libra eclipse flow in RoZoYo as we prepare for Friday night's Full Moon eclipse. Warrior style, strength building, grounding class! 7:30 pm

Saturday, October 19th is my first full RoZoYo (Robin's Zodiac Yoga) workshop in Tampa at Yogani on W. Platt. Astrology sequenced yoga and gallery style readings for all signs! It's Eclipse time so it will be an especially potent Full Moon practice and reading session.

Register now at

Have a great week! Full Moon on Friday night!



For now is directing to this blog.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is the new site combining what you find here and at  Some day this will all be one! Thanks for coming back or for finding me through!

Rasa Lila Fest was great & I thank all of you who I met, who came to the Zodiac Yoga presentation, and who extended so much Florida friendliness!

I am feeling very much at home in the Tampa area and welcome new clients for yoga, readings and opportunities at studios here.  I can read cards or talk astrology at a group event of any size.
I am willing to bring my workshop anywhere statewide on Fridays or Saturdays. Contact me for info on RoZoYo astrology based yoga classes, a 4 or 8 week series of classes, or 3 hour workshops.

A big thank you to Nathan Bangs for asking me to present at Rasa Lila! Find him if you're looking for a home/ property in the Tampa Bay area at