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New Moon for New Years 2014

Hey Capricorns, your New Moon is on New Year's Day! This happens every 19 years so we also had a New Years Day 1995 New Moon. Of course it can only be in Capricorn, but every sign gets a fresh outlook or start as the lunar cycle begins.  This New Moon is supported by wise Saturn and near intelligent and movement oriented Mercury.  Pluto meets the Moon for things we need to release from the past or the backs of our minds.  Venus retrograde is in Capricorn too, and retracing relationship patterns and decisions we've made as couples or partners is one thing to focus attention on this month.

The next New Years Day New Moon is in 2033. That sounds like a long way off. Do something to mark this occasion. There's more about the week & New Year's Eve and day at the Zodiac link at

Possibilities to consider:
Capricorn: relationship, career
Aquarius: rethinking, planning, recharging
Pisces: friendship, hopes, community
Aries: career, reputation, talents
Taurus: travel…

First Google Hangout December 18th 8 pm

On Wednesday night December 18th I'll host a google hangout online. Pour yourself some tea or a drink and let's get together for a winter chat. I'll start with the astrology of this Full Moon and Solstice time and what's ahead in the month of January. You can chime in with questions, observations, your own wisdom, and most anything relevant to living intuitively during this winter season.

I've been thinking about this for a while, and it's finally just the right time. I chose 8 pm to give everyone time to get home from work and get kids settled or whatever you need to do. All ages are welcome and we can learn so much from each other!

Gather with me on Wednesday night on Google chat. Add me on Google today and I will add you. I'll start the chat and invite you in. You'll see the invited pop up when you're logged on. just be online and ready by 8 or a couple of minutes before. We'll spend an hour but if you can't stay for the whole hour, it'…

2013 Musical Musings (aka Year End List)

These are just my favorites. The music that made the year... the songs I'll remember this crazy, wondrous year by. This is in no way intended as a critic's list. 

I had to deviate a lot from my usual rock radio to find the music I loved in 2013. The "alternative" songs of the year paled to other year's tunes and pop and rock seemed to ravel in a ball that suited my ears only here and there.

There are still a couple of major albums I haven't listened to from beginning to end that I expect to like but couldn't take the hype...or whatever.  Kanye West's Yeezus and The Arcade Fire's Reflektor are on my to listen to list. The thing is, music is relevant always and new whenever you discover it. I have heard enough to know I'll probably love both albums, in my own sweet time.

Here's what I listened to in 2013

Biffy Clyro, Opposites
Daft Punk, Random Access Memories
Justin Timberlake, Mirrors
Arctic Monkeys, AM
Queens of the Stone Age, Like Clockwo…

Guest Teaching at Well Heart in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Hi everyone!

I am honored to be guest teaching on December 24th and 26th 9:30 to 11 am at Well Heart Yoga in the center of Cape Elizabeth, Maine at Pond Cove right on Route 77 in the plaza with the IGA. This is a beautiful, comfortable studio! The practice will be designed to both energize and restore!
$15 drop in or Well Heart class pass

All levels are welcome! I am so pleased to have another opportunity to teach in Maine before the clock strikes 2014!

Please join me or share this info with friends who will want to practice pre & post Christmas in southern Maine!

Happy Early New Year

My website is up at ! Finally, right! Robin's Zodiac Zone, readings, coaching and all Yoga content is now in one place. For now is still active though I'll be redirecting that to the astrology part of RoZoYo soon.

Happy New Year! December is a month to "move" while the Sagittarius energy is in action and Mercury in that sign is all about fresh ideas and personal truths. Venus in Capricorn for an extended time will find couples making practical life decisions and maybe nesting or trying to save and invest. Mars in Libra will fight for justice especially where responsibilities are imbalanced and one person in a relationship or family is taking too much of the burden. Mars sticks with this battle until summer so it's not an overnight accomplishment but the theme will continue to recur in the name of compromise and equality.

This year was a wild ride for me! The writing on the wall last New Years said "Transform!" thoug…

Your Brain on Yoga and December Yoga in Maine!

This week I fly back to Maine for the first time since I moved. I'm so pleased to be offering two yoga/astrology events while I'm in town!

Friday, Dec. 6th 12 Noon to 1:30 New Moon Yoga workshop class at Breathing Room with postures to welcome winter, info on the New Moon, and focus on immune boosting postures in a vinyasa sequence. All levels welcome. Energizing and restorative, both!

You will love this welcoming studio in South Portland! Sign up now or drop in Friday $20

Saturday, Dec. 7th 12 Noon to 2:30 RoZoYo (Robin's Zodiac Yoga) Workshop at Greener Postures in W. Falmouth with postures for all signs followed by gallery style readings. Winter astrology for all signs of the zodiac and individual questions.

Yoga is suitable for all levels including first time yogis and gallery readings will be casual and conversational. Treat yourself and a friend! Do pre-register! $35…