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2014 Reading Month by Month

Each month has a theme card for all of us and it goes for the sign indicated as a year long theme.

I did this reading on December 31st, 2013 for all to enjoy and refer to throughout 2014.

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Finalize: The first New Moon of 2014 is on New Years Day and this card suggests coming to conclusions or decisions of things that have been pending rather than venturing into brand new territory. Take what you've been exploring or contemplating and make a decision about it. Jupiter and Venus on this card, interestingly, are opposite this winter in Capricorn and Cancer indicating much of this will relate to relationships and the practical matters of love and partnership. Opportunities for growth are abundant once the decision is made. Venus is retrograde for all of January and we are reexamining our role in love relationship, balance in business partnerships, and our feelings surrounding love and partnership generally.  Capricorn, solidify something as soon as poss…