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2014 Reading Month by Month

Each month has a theme card for all of us and it goes for the sign indicated as a year long theme.

I did this reading on December 31st, 2013 for all to enjoy and refer to throughout 2014.

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Finalize: The first New Moon of 2014 is on New Years Day and this card suggests coming to conclusions or decisions of things that have been pending rather than venturing into brand new territory. Take what you've been exploring or contemplating and make a decision about it. Jupiter and Venus on this card, interestingly, are opposite this winter in Capricorn and Cancer indicating much of this will relate to relationships and the practical matters of love and partnership. Opportunities for growth are abundant once the decision is made. Venus is retrograde for all of January and we are reexamining our role in love relationship, balance in business partnerships, and our feelings surrounding love and partnership generally.  Capricorn, solidify something as soon as possible after New Moon. For all, aim for growth and finalize your answer about love or opportunity with an important and long considered decision that is timed right just now.

Sustain: Significant effort will be needed in February to sustain the results and fruits of labors already underway.  Aquarius, you will see reason to strengthen and nourish what already exists in your life so it doesn't waste or slip away. Think of February as a garden or even a bank account and do things that add to the abundance. Where do you need to invest more effort or interest and attention to help grow or maintain it? A relationship, your work, or your home are likely examples, but it could also be yourself, your body,  your spirit that requires sustenance in February. For all of us make sure you're feeding and nurturing and appreciating what you have built and what you hope will grow even further.  The Sun and Mars appear on this card, and therefore fire energy, from the solar plexus and your strong will should be fully engaged to maximize the month's potential. No slouching or procrastinating. Consider how music or even a note resonates in the air. How can  you extend or enhance the life of something beautiful?

Revivify: Interesting word. The card suggests a necromancer bringing a male and female back to life. The Sun and Uranus as astrological symbols indicate unique forms of expression and news. Pisces, as your yearly card, I ask you what do you want to revive that may seem to have gone by? A talent or a relationship are symbolized here as is the willingness and ability to communicate clearly and find your voice without worry about judgments or disagreement from other people. For all of us, animate, make life more lively, resurrect something joyous that you've been overlooking or haven't made time for.

Subdue:The word subdue means to overcome, quiet or bring under control. It can also mean to vanquish, and with Mars and Uranus as the astrology symbols on this card and a knight like figure on a moving horse, you will defeat an opponent or overcome obstacles this month. Aries, this goes double for you and with Uranus in your sign and Mars as your ruler this is a particularly good card for engaging all of your confidence, fire energy and motivation.  For all of us, gaining control over impulses in favor of moving constructively and with control is favored.  Subdue what holds you down and vanquish the temptation to give up on yourself, as Aries is the sign of the individual.

Examine: Investigate and evaluate how far you've come. In May, a thorough analysis of what is working for you is in order.  Venus and Pluto are the planets we're shown here and Taurus is one of Venus's signs. Love relationships and romance are up for examination. Are secrets or hidden influences holding you back from fully giving yourself in a relationship? Examine your motives and the intention of your partner.  If you're not in relationship, evaluate any situation for harmony and balance. Taurus, step back and examine the results of your efforts and see if more attention to detail can improve upon what you've already accomplished.  This is a chance to be objective, see the realities in all their glory and imperfection both. This is how you inform May's decisions and direction.

Inundate: June is full and busy. A month of effort and digging out from under if that's the case. Gemini, your month is filled with events, announcements and business. Even those of us all caught up will be engulfed in projects and work.  A saturation level is reached. Enterpreneurs will become employers and businesses may need to hire help! All we've aimed for and more comes full force. News and information is another thing that inundates us, and Mercury and the Sun grace this card meaning we'll be very busy trying to keep up with replies, studies, and projects.  Mercury will be retrograde during this month making it extra challenging business and communication wise. And though Mercury retrograde can be a good vacation time, this card indicates no it's not time to take the days off.

Detail: The parts make up the whole. Are all the parts in place for efficiency and a complete picture. Cancer is the cook and the ingredients are very important. If you're making substitutions, be sure they serve their purpose well.  July is a month not to skim over anything important.  Cancer, refine any part of your life to make it better than just good enough. Have a trusted editor or back up person who can objectively point out what you might be missing.  Go the extra mile to make something very special, from a home related project to the ingredients for a festive event.  Tune in to things we take for granted, like light and use of space and daily routines and appreciate all the small working parts. Jupiter is the big planet, getting ready to leave Cancer this month and Uranus throws surprise parties and initiations. How might this apply?

Unite: It's Lovers time according to the cards. Venus and the Sun are at play and that means love, romance and commitment.  This image shows lovers in the water, surrounded by green, fertile earth, sun and moon looking on. All is in balance. The support of earth and depth of waters, male and female energies of the sun and moon. The lovers wear gold crowns as a sign of victory. This is a month of love and of drawing opposite drives and energies even within us together to form something new. Leo, the forces are with you.

Affiliate: September is about finding our groups and establishing our place in them. It's a time to join forces and share common interests and act on ideas with the power of many. Jupiter and Mars call for conscious action. Virgo, find a sense of belonging or take a leadership role.  Mutual support, strong commitment to ideals, and effort as a community is September's theme. Be a part of something bigger.

Diversify: Take all you've learned and all you've done and find a new way to apply it in October. Libra, step out of your comfort zone! Your knowledge and talents are applicable in more ways than you've experienced. Develop a new skill or expand as a source of income. Investors, go over portfolios and consider options. Business owners, create a new line and expand your outlets for sales.  Mars and Neptune on this card call us to be actively creative. Take something you have or do already and put it to new use. All our eggs need not be in one basket.

Energize: Moon and Mars are our emotions and our physical energy and drive.  Put them together and you are unstoppable. Motivate from the core, where how you feel and what you do align. November is month of accomplishment and success, and that extends beyond earthly business to finding that place of harmony where your passions drive your actions.  With heart, mind and soul focused, energy can be boundless.  Scorpio, your ruling planet Mars is present on this card. You'll be a warrior for something or someone this month and it may feel like no effort at all since it comes from the truest, most authentic place in you.

Mature: Sagittarius, don't wait all year to consider this since it is your idea for all of 2014.  For all of us December marks a time of maturing. Something can mature as it comes due like an investment account you can now draw from or fruits of your labor which you can now enjoy. Though this suggest important responsibilities will be our December work, Mars and Pluto together say this has been a long time coming and we are ready. What you've been preparing for, even if it seemed the day would never come, arrives toward year's end.  Pluto unearths what's been buried like a latent talent or a hurt not healed.  Recognizing and acting on that, you move to a new level of being.  Sagittarius, expect to be offered new challenges this year that stretch you beyond your perceived limits.  This may be particularly true in terms of the role you take in taking care of others. Notice the ways in which you are not the child anymore.


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