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Poses for Leo Full Moon

Our Wednesday through Friday poses are for this Full Moon time. The first is for opening the side, heart and front body, Crescent Moon. Your arms sweep overhead and meet. Interlace your fingers and let your index fingers together point upward while all others are entwined including thumb over thumb. Reach the arms high with a deep breath and then bend over to the right forming a crescent shape in the right side body and extending all of the left side for a big stretch. Your left hip might move outside the boundary of the ankle below. You want to keep your hips level and not allow the left hip to rock back. If it does, bring it forward to meet the right side evenly.

Hold for 5 breaths then move to the other side. Repeat this two or three times on each side. The foundation is the feet so be very grounded in the feet from outer edge to heel and front of the foot. With this posture your weight can move a bit back toward the heels.

Dancer, or standing bow as it's also known, is a heart o…

Yoga Day 6: Horse Pose

You can take this right from the wide leg forward fold if you like!

With feet about 3.5 feet wide or so, turn out the toes to a diagonal. Heels face each other.
Make goalposts with your arms or raise them high
Sit the hips down. If you raise arms high, lower them to goalpost (or cactus shape) arms with 90 degree angles at the elbows and palms facing forward. This is a squat type posture. Take 3 to 5 full breaths then straighten the legs and take a full inhale and exhale back into the squat for another round of breaths.

This is known as horse pose or goddess pose too.

Here is a variation with blocks from

This is what I mean by goalpost arms and this is the posture!

Yoga Day 5: Wide Leg Forward Fold

From Reverse Warrior 2 (day 4 pose)

Come back to warrior 2 with front knee bent directly over ankle
Straighten the front knee
Turn front foot so both feet are now facing in the same direction
Hands to hips
Deep breath in (and you can back bend slightly here if a more open chest feels good going in)
Hinge forward from the hips with a straight spine from top to bottom, head to tailbone
Bring weight a little bit forward so your hips don't sit back. Align hips with your heels.
Bring your hands dow
n to the floor, palms down
Maybe your hands don't reach the floor in which case you can widen your stance some OR bring hands to your legs. (Make sure not to put pressure on the knee with your hands though)
When you find your edge with how far forward you can bend with a straight spine, let your head and shoulders drop down and totally relax.
You're most likely to feel this in your hamstrings and inner thighs.
Stretch to the point of challenge, but never to the point of pain or sharpness!

Take at …

Yoga Day 4: Reverse Warrior

Mercury retrograde's 3 weeks begins today.  That's when things seem to go in reverse, regress, and we look back at or revisit the past. A reversal of a pose is what you'll do. This is an easy one. 

Begin in Warrior 2, Tuesday's pose.

Turn your front, outstretched palm up to the sky. Keep the front knee right over the ankle at a 90 degree angle (or as close to 90 as you're comfortable with).

Move your arms so the back palm touches your back leg and the front palm raises to the sky with your bicep by your ear. Look up to the hand or down to the back foot. The latter is easier on the neck.

This reverse warrior is also known as exalted warrior.

Yoga Day 3: Trikonasana, Triangle Pose

The triangle has 3 points and triangle pose is also a good Taurus pose for today's Moon sign. Taurus is a sign of stability and grounding. It's easy to move into directly from our Day 2 pose, Warrior 2.

If you're in Warrior 2 (see yesterday's post by scrolling down), straighten front knee or leave it bent over your ankle. There's more than one version. You choose. Move the arms like they are one long piece, and let your front hand move down and back hand reach up in a straight line. Your front hand can touch between your toes if your knee is bent or to the floor or your shin if the front leg is straight. Your top hand reaches for the sky (or ceiling). Keep some strength in both legs and weight in both feet. Look down, side or up to your hand.

Try all 3 together and on both sides with 3 to 5 full breaths in each pose. You're getting in the flow now!

Send me comments and progress reports!


Yoga Pose a Day #2

Warrior 2 is today's pose. 

The front foot points forward with some weight on the outer edge of the foot so the ankle and knee don't cave in. Consciously move the front knee a bit to the right if it's the right knee or to the left when you have have the left foot forward. Remember to do this on both sides. Keep the knee over the ankle and not forward of the ankle. In the photo of James Jones his knee may be a little bit too far forward. (I'd tell him to back it up just a bit). Knee over ankle protects the knee from strain or injuries. 

The back foot opens to approximately a 90 degree angle so the toe is pointing out to the side now and the body opens more to the side too (versus Warrior 1 where the hips should be square forward as much as possible).

Arms stretch forward and back in a nice straight line about shoulder height. 

Today's Aries Moon aligns with the energy of warrior 2. Assertive, strong and confident. Can you hold it for 5 full breaths? Inhale so you feel y…

Yoga for Everyone: a Pose a Day

February is a month where in many parts of the country you're cold and wrapped up in lots of clothes, eating comfort food and maybe still feeling holiday pounds or winter blahs. This month I'd like to dedicate the blog to Yoga for everyone and I'm gearing this a little bit toward men, you guys, because you can benefit from yoga too. Yoga works for the SeaHawks and it will work for your mind and body too. This is an easy way to give it a try. Do the pose once. See how it feels and make any adjustments. Then do it with the other foot forward, on the other side or a second time if it's not a right/left type posture.

Astrology is of course involved in my selection of postures. Today is Aries Moon and this is Warrior 1, also known as Virabhadrasana 1. Aries is the sign of Mars, the warrior, the courageous one, the athlete and also the rock star.

Pretend you're about to throw a football. You step one foot forward, and it's the left if you throw with your right hand. Yo…