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Poses for Leo Full Moon

Our Wednesday through Friday poses are for this Full Moon time. The first is for opening the side, heart and front body, Crescent Moon. Your arms sweep overhead and meet. Interlace your fingers and let your index fingers together point upward while all others are entwined including thumb over thumb. Reach the arms high with a deep breath and then bend over to the right forming a crescent shape in the right side body and extending all of the left side for a big stretch. Your left hip might move outside the boundary of the ankle below. You want to keep your hips level and not allow the left hip to rock back. If it does, bring it forward to meet the right side evenly.

Hold for 5 breaths then move to the other side. Repeat this two or three times on each side. The foundation is the feet so be very grounded in the feet from outer edge to heel and front of the foot. With this posture your weight can move a bit back toward the heels.

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Dancer, or standing bow as it's also known, is a heart opener and a back bend. Leo Full Moon is the sign of the heart and spine so this is ideal for the astrological weather. 

Ground weight in the left foot. Extend your right palm up and keeping the thumb back pointing toward the big toe and back wall, grasp your inner foot. Thumb will be pointing back to rotate shoulder outward, not inward. Inhale and expand the chest cavity, then kick into your hand and you will begin to back bend and maybe to move your upper body forward. Keep the hips level without allowing the right hip to move up high. The foot you're kicking drives the pose so keep it pressed into the hand and active.  Your foot might peek out up over your head. Your knee is behind the hip not out wide. 

photo of me by Dylan Verner of Falmouth Maine


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