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Yoga Day 3: Trikonasana, Triangle Pose

The triangle has 3 points and triangle pose is also a good Taurus pose for today's Moon sign. Taurus is a sign of stability and grounding. It's easy to move into directly from our Day 2 pose, Warrior 2.

If you're in Warrior 2 (see yesterday's post by scrolling down), straighten front knee or leave it bent over your ankle. There's more than one version. You choose. Move the arms like they are one long piece, and let your front hand move down and back hand reach up in a straight line. Your front hand can touch between your toes if your knee is bent or to the floor or your shin if the front leg is straight. Your top hand reaches for the sky (or ceiling). Keep some strength in both legs and weight in both feet. Look down, side or up to your hand.

Try all 3 together and on both sides with 3 to 5 full breaths in each pose. You're getting in the flow now!

Send me comments and progress reports!



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