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Yoga Day 5: Wide Leg Forward Fold

From Reverse Warrior 2 (day 4 pose)

Come back to warrior 2 with front knee bent directly over ankle
Straighten the front knee
Turn front foot so both feet are now facing in the same direction
Hands to hips
Deep breath in (and you can back bend slightly here if a more open chest feels good going in)
Hinge forward from the hips with a straight spine from top to bottom, head to tailbone
Bring weight a little bit forward so your hips don't sit back. Align hips with your heels.
Bring your hands dow
n to the floor, palms down
Maybe your hands don't reach the floor in which case you can widen your stance some OR bring hands to your legs. (Make sure not to put pressure on the knee with your hands though)
When you find your edge with how far forward you can bend with a straight spine, let your head and shoulders drop down and totally relax.
You're most likely to feel this in your hamstrings and inner thighs.
Stretch to the point of challenge, but never to the point of pain or sharpness!

Take at least 5 full inhales and exhales. Forward folds are great for releasing mental stress. Exhale stress or too much thinking!

When you are ready to come back up, bring hands to hips again. Heel, toe the feet in a bit especially if you took them out wider. Flat back all the way up to standing. Tah-dah!

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