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Yoga for Everyone: a Pose a Day

February is a month where in many parts of the country you're cold and wrapped up in lots of clothes, eating comfort food and maybe still feeling holiday pounds or winter blahs. This month I'd like to dedicate the blog to Yoga for everyone and I'm gearing this a little bit toward men, you guys, because you can benefit from yoga too. Yoga works for the SeaHawks and it will work for your mind and body too. This is an easy way to give it a try. Do the pose once. See how it feels and make any adjustments. Then do it with the other foot forward, on the other side or a second time if it's not a right/left type posture.

Astrology is of course involved in my selection of postures. Today is Aries Moon and this is Warrior 1, also known as Virabhadrasana 1. Aries is the sign of Mars, the warrior, the courageous one, the athlete and also the rock star.

Pretend you're about to throw a football. You step one foot forward, and it's the left if you throw with your right hand. Your left knee is directly over the ankle and do not let it move forward toward the toe. Knee over ankle. Front foot firmly planted, and your back foot is angled some most likely. Make the angle of the back foot about 45 degrees with toes out to the right, heel slightly in. Now drop the ball (you can throw it later) and extend both arms up high, biceps by your ears, palms facing each other as if one of your team mates did something awesome and you're cheering and holding the arms there. You're in Warrior 1. Take 4 or 5 full inhales and exhales then let the arms down and step the back foot forward and try it on the opposite side with right foot back and left foot pointing straight ahead, knee over ankle in the front.

You could look up but there's no need to. Look ahead like you're looking the other guy right in the eye.

Here's a couple of photos that show warrior one type stance in action. These mimic the pose but are not the pose. You can see the differences, but you can also see the similarities, can't you!

TU football team practicing Warrior 1

There's a second pose coming tomorrow and you will be able to move from Warrior 1 right into Aries pose number two.

Talk to you tomorrow. Come to facebook or email me to tell me how it goes.

Even better have someone snap a picture of you in Warrior 1 and send it or post it tagged #RobinsZodiacYoga or instagram it! I'm at robinpayton88 on instagram!



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