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Yoga Schedule for late March & Astrological Shifts!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back in Tampa after a trip to Maine and RoZoYo workshop at Freeport Yoga Company! The intensity of our workshop experience Saturday reflects the shifting of the season, the upcoming eclipses and the "Cross" in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries right now. It stirs everything up and is the impetus for tearing down, reinventing, restructuring literally or otherwise, and changing relationships. If it was wearing down, wearing away or about to break, this is a potent time where in some cases things will never be "the same".

Keep up with for daily and weekly forecasts. Aries New Moon is March 29th. The lunar eclipse is in Libra/Aries April 15th followed by the solar eclipse in Taurus/Scorpio on the 29th.

This is my yoga teaching schedule for the last days of the month.

Tuesday, March 25th Corporate Fitness Private class 12 noon
Thursday, March 27th Slow Flow at Bella Prana Yoga Tampa, FL 10 -11:15 am
Saturday, March 29th Prenatal Yog…

What You Think, You Are

I don't believe much in making the best of things in the broader sense. That may work with a rainy day when you have outdoor plans, but in the bigger scheme of life, why would you want to just make the best of how things are if they're disappointing or worse. Change your situation, transform yourself, and your joy and sense of accomplishment will ripple out and create even more good. 

Even if you're very content with your life now, the thoughts you think and what you do every day are shaping your tomorrow. Be positive with yourself. Change is stressful even if it's positive. It requires the body and brain to do things in new ways. Think about how well you're doing and keep your mind on your mantra.

What is your mantra? It can be something as simple as "I am healthy" or "I live my life free of other people's judgments and opinions" or "I have the resources to accomplish this goal". You have the power to draw those parts of you out and…