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Late August Updates

Llewellyn Moon Sign Book 2015 is out now. My section is about why eating locally grown foods can benefit your health including the immune system. You can find it in bookstores, on Amazon, and direct from Thank you to Llewellyn for giving me the opportunity to write and share since 2003!

My next workshop in Maine is Saturday, December 6th, 2014, and even if that seems far off now, registration is on at ! I'll be at the South Portland studio this time and I can't wait to give a home town workshop and gallery style readings. Yoga for your sign and winter astrology all in one is RoZoYo™! 

In Tampa, coming right up on Saturday, September 13th, I'll be leading a 90 minute RoZoYo™ workshop at Yogani with posture, mudra, meditations, and autumn astrology woven through the practice. From Aries to Pisces, all will receive insights to their fall forecast, favored times, and postures correlated to your sign. Register at (scroll down one post for more info)

Robin's Nest Prenatal Yoga is a focus of my practice. I am a Pranakriya Prenatal certified teacher and am fortunate to have wonderful resources and mentors here in Tampa. Stay tuned for more Robin's Nest news, especially those of you planning to be become Mamas in the near future! 

Happy Virgo New Moon August 25th! Fresh routines & changes big or small for all! Namaste!



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Yoga Nidra Benefits & Upcoming Training in South Portland, Maine

Yoga Nidra training at Breathing Room/TULA studios in South Portland is Friday April 6th through Sunday the 8th. This is a yoga teacher training with Yoga Alliance credits and certificate. Interested individuals are also welcome to attend. You'll  learn about yoga nidra and how this form of meditation works, how to sequence and offer a yoga nidra to a friend or family member or a group. This form of meditation is guided, restorative, and can provide release and relief for the body and mind.

This is a non dogmatic training and you will explore both traditional and more modern variations of yoga nidra so you can decide what resonates best for your teaching or practice.
Sign up now and order your two books to prepare.

Note the Friday hours.

Friday, April 6: 12p to 5p at Breathing Room Saturday, April 7: 11:30a to 5:30p at TULA Sunday, April 8: 10a to 4p at TULA email me with any questions: robinivy88@gmail

Spring Yoga Teacher Trainings (you are invited too!)

Yoga Nidra Training at Breathing Room (Friday) and TULA (Sat/Sun) both in South Portland on April 6th-8th. Add to your Yoga teaching toolbox as you learn to guide this form of meditation and understand how it works. Plenty of bliss potential as we practice all weekend. Breakthroughs of any kind may occur! Really. Sign up is happening at

Friday 12-5 at Breathing Room
Saturday 11:30-5:30 at TULA
Sunday 10-4 at TULA

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training just announced today!  The world needs you as a Restorative Yoga Teacher. This is where the inner work, the cleansing, the self acceptance, the surrender happens. This practice is so needed as we move forward and reconcile all we are inundated with every day, personally and as a culture. I would love to introduce you to the philosophy, the anatomy, the layers, and the reasons for the stillness of Restorative Yoga. We'll contrast the practice with Yin yoga also so you'll get a feel for Yin and for the similariti…