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WCYY & Robin's Zodiac Zone Part Ways

Robin's Zodiac Zone aired on WCYY from May of 2000 when I started doing Alternative Mornings until Friday, August 29th, 2014. It was a great run, and a wonderful thing that WCYY and also WHOM continued to air Robin's Zodiac Zone for over a year after I left the morning show.

It was simply a business decision on the part of Townsquare Media, the most recent owners. The company's former General Manager chose to keep Robin's Zodiac Zone on the radio as a feature in light of the longevity and loyalty of many listeners in Maine and New Hampshire who tuned in for the Moon sign and color each morning. He has since moved on from the company as well. 

Change happens. It's okay. I have only love for all the time I spent on the radio there, for my colleagues there, and for all the awesome people I've met and interacted with through WCYY, WHOM, and WBLM. Words cannot really capture how much the stations, WCYY in particular, are a huge part of my heart and soul. 

Having said that, I do feel badly that the radio broadcast and the Zodiac Zone text will be discontinued for now. I know how many of you value it and consider it a part of your morning. I've always enjoyed creating it for you with the hope it helped make every day your best day possible! I'm very thankful for each and every one of you who listens, reads, and keeps in touch. You have made my experience so rich! It's time we transform that, and move the venue from CYY/HOM to...(to be continued)

This is new news to me as of Thursday, so there is no plan yet for where Robin's Zodiac Zone will find a new home on radio or other media outlet. I am open to possibilities including your suggestions. 

I've written your daily forecasts since July of 1999 and you will still find them at Robin's Zodiac Zone and the RoZoYo™ web sites! For the week ahead, I've posted Soundcloud links with the audio. This is a temporary way to give you the forecast while other plans develop. *

I'll see those of you in Maine this fall and winter! For RoZoYo™ Yoga & Gallery style astrology readings, I'm at Greener Postures in South Portland on Saturday, December 6th. Registration is on now! And I will have more news very soon. 

I appreciate all your support and loyalty during these next transitions! Stay connected!

Robin Ivy Payton

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*Download the Soundcloud app from intunes & Google Play stores, find robin-ivy & follow for the daily forecasts. Read more & get the direct links at robinzodiaczone

Thank you for Phoenix Best Radio Voice award in 2009, 2010 & 2011

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Janet Berch said…
Wow Robin, I don't even know what to say... Your morning zodiac zone has been a part of my life for many years. I have always looked forward to reading your astrological insights. I believe I started listening around the same time you started all this back in 1999-2000. I had always lived in Maine until last year, when I moved to California, but I still continued to follow you and of course get those morning text. You will be missed Robin, as Im sure all my fellow Mainer's will agree. I'm happy to hear you are looking for other ways to stay connected with all us. I look forward to seeing where you go next :) Namastè
Janet, Thank you so much! I love seeing you on twitter! Robin's Zodiac Zone will continue. It's an entity on it's own and not reliant on a radio station or two. I hope we find a media home that's very accessible to everyone and I strive to keep things as much as possible free of charge. RZZ will grow as it's supposed to. Thank you again for the support! See you on twitter! ;) Namaste!

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