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Robin's Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga instruction is designed specifically for you. Before or at your first private session, you'll tell me your goals, your medical history as far as injuries or surgeries, and anything else about your life that's relevant to your physicality and stress levels, habits & responsibilities. The one on one or partner session creates an environment of comfort for learning, healing, and being gently challenged. Whether you're healing physically or emotionally, getting back into exercise after a time away, or new to yoga,  a series of private classes will prepare you to enter a group or studio class with confidence or continue your own practice individually or privately.  I can also help you select a yoga mat, clothing, props and a studio and type of class that may be best for you if you choose to practice in a studio community. All private students will be introduced to breathing techniques, individual and guided meditation, proper alignment in postures, yoga philosoph…

Supporting Your Immune System During Transitions

No matter how positive or excited we are about moves and transitions, change is stressful. Even if the brain is happy, the body feels it. Thinking back to my first year in college, I developed laryngitis the first days on campus. Inconvenient to say the least! I was nothing but pleased to be on my own, away from home, yet my body had other ideas. Something had to give, and it was my voice.

The days just before I moved to Florida, I felt complete exhaustion. I worked hard to get my house cleared out and ready to rent, and continued to do my radio show until a few days before I left, so it was to be expected. I'm ready to transition back to my house in Maine now, and even though I'm not exerting myself physically to clean out a house or pack as much this time, I'm feeling quite a bit of fatigue. It comes and goes. These moves have been planned and wanted, following my heart and soul's desires, but the body is rebelling. I can't sleep as well  many nights and then in t…

RoZoYo® Yoga & Astrology Readings at Greener Postures

For Starters

Yoga in the conference room? Yes. 
Yoga at your school? Sure! Teachers need it and can learn skills for the kids too. 
Yoga at your medical facility. Yoga heals.
Yoga or Meditation presentation just once as a special event? Yes. We can definitely make that happen.

Yoga for all bodies & all kinds of people. I currently have attorneys, marketing companies, a women's group, and yoga studios that I lead classes for. 

Portland to Biddeford to Freeport. Special events booking outside that zone too. How can I bring yoga to you? Email me for info.

Make a donation to help bring Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga to Mamas to be & new mothers. Yoga is good for physical and emotional health during and after pregnancy. Breath work and relaxation as well as strengthening is a big assist for childbirth and the changes during and after pregnancy, and meditation helps create a deep mom to baby connection.  Props to facilitate safe Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga will be purchased with your gift. 

Thank …