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Supporting Your Immune System During Transitions

No matter how positive or excited we are about moves and transitions, change is stressful. Even if the brain is happy, the body feels it. Thinking back to my first year in college, I developed laryngitis the first days on campus. Inconvenient to say the least! I was nothing but pleased to be on my own, away from home, yet my body had other ideas. Something had to give, and it was my voice.

The days just before I moved to Florida, I felt complete exhaustion. I worked hard to get my house cleared out and ready to rent, and continued to do my radio show until a few days before I left, so it was to be expected. I'm ready to transition back to my house in Maine now, and even though I'm not exerting myself physically to clean out a house or pack as much this time, I'm feeling quite a bit of fatigue. It comes and goes. These moves have been planned and wanted, following my heart and soul's desires, but the body is rebelling. I can't sleep as well  many nights and then in the morning or after yoga I feel like I'm going to pass out from exhaustion. There are other symptoms, too vague to explain really. A lightness almost dizzy feeling in the body rather than the head is an attempt at describing what I feel.

Moving isn't the only transition that causes symptoms like these, and sometimes the stress of change can bring on illness or possibly make you  more vulnerable to injuries or accidents too. The adrenal glands are working hard and need support. Even a low level of stress sustained over a period of time can impact adrenal function. If you're not familiar with the adrenals, they help regulate metabolism, emotions, sleep patterns, thyroid function, carvings and are directly responsible for releasing the hormones that provide the fight or flight instinct. Adrenal health is essential to the immune system. If they overexert and become fatigued, so do we. This increases our susceptibility to the common cold (New England Journal of Medicine), infectious disease, and over time may increase the odds around Alzheimer's, cancer, and other major health issues.

I'm going through this right now, so I thought I'd share what I do when this kind of fatigues sets in. This is just my own experience, is an incomplete list of possibilities, and is not necessarily backed by research. However, all of this appears to have prevented me from getting sick many times. The more I've added to my toolbox of remedies, the less I've needed antibiotics, doctor visits, or sick days. I hope this gives you the assist at some transitional time or even if you feel the common cold coming on.

Maine friends, I'll see you soon! Everyone else, stay connected! Robin

Emergen cee: If you take it daily already, up your intake. You can take this a few times a day when you are feeling vulnerable to sickness or have been exposed to something.

Vitamin Bs with a special focus on B6: Find a good quality vitamin with lots of B. B6 helps the body cope with stress. B vitamins are also very beneficial for your hair, skin, and brain function. If you're a vegetarian, you especially need B12 too.

Elderberry syrup: I swear by it during winters in the north and take it daily. Right now I'm taking it to support immune function. If you can buy local, do. In New England, look for Maine Medicinals which can also be ordered online at their website.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Take it by the spoonful if you can deal with the bitter taste. Mix it with honey otherwise. Tea with organic apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, lemon and fresh ginger is a cold killer. Keep this in the cabinet for when you need it or take it daily to help flush out the system generally. This may help ease water retention and detoxify. Be sure to use only the organic version.

Veggies like spinach and other dark, leafy greens: Add them to everything from mac n cheese to every sandwich you eat. Just load up on as many greens as you can without feeling like you're depriving yourself of something else. Add on.

Berries: Blueberries or any dark berries. Again, add them to everything.

Bach's Rescue Remedy: When something sets you over the top, when stress has built up and you're more easily triggered by annoyances or disagreements, have a spray of rescue remedy or buy the gum version. Your pets can have a spray too, for calming.

When you find yourself over-doing, take breaks, meditate, get some quiet time, go outside.

Transition on. 7 days & a little packing to do. Missed the falling leaves I guess, but I love the route from Florida to Maine via Charlotte & Gettysbug. Looking forward to travels and Maine soon.


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