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Robin's Nest Prenatal Yoga

Connect with your body and your baby with yoga and meditation throughout your pregnancy. 

Prenatal yoga designed for all trimesters. Guided meditation will relax the mind and strengthen communication between you and your baby. Yoga for strengthening, stretching and relieving common discomforts of pregnancy will be introduced for practice at home. Learn breathing and sounding techniques you can use now, during labor and after birth. 
Prenatal yoga is powerful for building friendships and community. Meet other Moms, leave with confidence in your prenatal practice, and enjoy other resources.

Weekly classes in a vibrant prenatal yoga community, currently about 20 Moms participating semi weekly, at Breathing Room on Broadway in South Portland every Sunday at 3 pm.
Peace, love and baby kicks! Robin

Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius January 21st to February 11th is a second chance. Here are some things to look forward to, invite or immerse in:

Reunite with friends or former colleagues you've lost touch with. Aquarius is a sign of friendships and community.

Team up with people you've worked well with in the past.

Venus, nearby in Aquarius, will lead some people to revisit a love relationship to see if it has a chance this time.  (Do so with an open mind and a bit of reserve. You could change your mind before winter is over. But maybe not.)

Enter your creative process, go back to unfinished projects, and rediscover something you really enjoy. Since Mercury is in Aquarius, you might want to collaborate.

Slow down. Consider delays a gift since they buy you more time to figure things out and make final decisions.

Vacation time is good now. (Just keep a simple schedule and be flexible with changing plans)

Get upside down and see what the ceiling looks like from the floor. Mercury retrogr…

RoZoYo® is...

Welcome to RoZoYo®, a new take on your yoga practice. 

As Above, So Below! Movements of the Moon, Sun, and planets influence our activity here on earth. Electro magnetic energy generated in space radiates from all the heavenly bodies affecting conditions on our planet. Think of astronomical high and low tides and sunburns as examples of how we can see this.

We breathe it in.  Energy from the ethers mixes with the earth's atmosphere and we breathe it into our bodies. Prana, our life force, is created, inhaled and internalized.
Astrological correlations with the physical body and human experience are found in many belief systems and traditions.
One of the most notable is the Vedic system. Jyotishis, Vedic astrologers, used yoga to facilitate individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities presented in their birth charts due to placements of the Sun, Moon and planets in the houses, or sectors, of the chart. The state of and probability of a person's health can be determined by …

Yoga & Yoga Wear

January Additions:

Baby 'n Me Yoga Tuesdays beginning January 13th
10:45-11:45 am 
Scarborough Yoga 
Casual atmosphere. Interact with baby as you get your yoga on! Drop-ins welcome. Moms, Dads, Caregivers & 8 wk to 12 mo. babes $15 ($12 for Chiropractic Family Wellness members)

RoZoYo® Saturday, January 24th 
4-6 pm 
Spiral Tree Yoga on Brighton Ave  Portland, Maine
Yoga Postures related to each sign of the zodiac with winter astrology insights woven in to yoga and meditation
Register in advance $25

Coming in March: RoZoYo® with Readings for Spring Equinox at Riverbend Yoga in Yarmouth 

Private sessions at Robin's Nest are ongoing. Email me for information. $80 for one sessions, 6 for $300
Introduction to Yoga or Meditation
Healing, Therapeutic, Prenatal & Preconception to encourage fertility, Yin & Restorative in a home studio setting

Check out bepresent for American made yoga wear. Great, stylish, comfy yoga clothing

Ahnu® for yoga lifestyle shoes. I love m…