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Yoga Sessions & Consultations at Robin's Nest

I'm offering phone consultations as well as private sessions. Phone consultations can help you start a home practice or become more knowledgable about how to use yoga to maximize your energy and health.  You might benefit from a phone consult if you're already practicing some yoga and have some prior knowledge. Otherwise a few private sessions will be more beneficial. 

Consult with me about:

Prenatal Yoga practice
Pre-conception if you're hoping to be pregnant.
Peri Menopause and Menopause yoga support
Beginning Meditation

All private sessions are $80 for one hour in person or by phone. Phone consults can be done in 30 minutes for $45
Private sessions are discounted if you book 3 or more.
Daytime hours are available on Monday, Thursday & Friday.

Email to book or find out more.

About private yoga sessions?

1.) A personal introduction to yoga can help you learn the different styles and prep you for your first experience in a bigger studio. For example,  you may…