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Prenatal and Healing Yoga Breath

Note: Check in with your doctor or medical practitioner to be certain this breath work is safe for your condition. Stop any breathing technique if it creates any undesirable effect, such as lightheadedness. All of these breaths are part of a usual prenatal yoga practice.

Breathe deeply enough. Chances are that means dropping everything at least a few times a day to tune into your breath & nothing else. Breath is life force. Here are a few types of breath you can try to see what effect they have on your mind and body. If you're hurrying or feeling stress and you need calming, this is your go-to. 

Breathing is also a significant factor in healing. 

In prenatal yoga we practice these breaths so Moms have a repertoire of breath to use for birthing, recovery, and breastfeeding. You'll see a note about when each may be most useful if you're a Mom to be. 

Email me with any questions or if you'd like to a schedule private breath coaching or yoga session preconception (fertilit…

A Simple Review

I just received this message and image from someone who started yoga in January, and I wanted to share. Grab a mat and find the yoga that wakes you up, like she has. It's a beautiful thing.


"Just wanted to thank you for showing me things I never knew about myself, and the world around me. My one-on-one sessions with you are priceless! Namaste."

Weekly Classes I teach:
Sunday Yin Yoga 10 am Maine Hatha Yoga Portland Prenatal Yoga 3 pm Breathing Room South Portland some evening classes. See for times & places
Tuesday Gentle Yoga 9:30 am Baby n Me 10:45 am Scarborough Yoga
Wednesday Hot Express 26 (Bikram) Maine Hatha Yoga 12 pm-1 Flow at Breathing Room South Portland (begins April 8th)
Other guest teaching & workshops are listed at  I usually teach a few other classes in studios each week.
Private or small group yoga & readings available by appointment

Yoga Nidra for Spring Eclipses in Freeport & South Portland

Energize your heart's desire and connect with your inner wisdom. Restore your physical and mental energy as spring arrives. Think how it feels when you open all the windows, finally, and bring fresh air inside! This is what Yoga Nidra does for your body and mind.

I will lead two Yoga Nidras this spring, March 28th at Freeport Yoga Company and April 25th at Breathing Room in South Portland. This deep practice of connecting with your inner wisdom and resilience pairs with a Solar Eclipse March 20th and a Lunar Eclipse April 4th. Gallery style readings followed by guided yoga sleep meditation support the changes eclipses bring.

Live the excitement or the challenges with more intuition and less anxiety. I am honored to help guide you. 

Here's a bit about the practice itself and why I chose to lead Yoga Nidra.

My very first yoga nidra was amazing because there was an immediate action and effect of my intention directly after the session. This kind of thing doesn't happen every time…