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RoZoYo ® August/September Yoga & Events

Vacation time & transition to some new classes in the next few weeks. Here's my update, and check back for more soon.

I sure hope you're enjoying summer!



Sunday the 2nd: Yin at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland 9 am 90 minutes, Deep Stretch at Greener Postures South Portland 5:30 pm 75 minutes

Mon.-Thurs Vacation! My classes will be held with subs

Friday the 7th Yin Yoga at Bay Club Portland 12:30 60 minutes (this class will warm up with some salutations followed by Yin)

Sunday the 9th All Levels Flow 4pm 75 minutes & Deep Stretch  5:30 pm 75 minutes both at Greener Postures South Portland

Monday the 10th All Levels Flow at Greener Postures South Portland 6 am 60 minutes
All Levels Flow 4:30 pm 60 minutes & Body, Breath, Mind 6 pm 75 minutes both at Greener Postures in West Falmouth

Wednesday the 12th Flow for All at Breathing Room South Portland 6 pm 75 minutes

Saturday the 15th Love Yoga Fest Hyannis Mass. RoZoYo® for the Lunar Cycle Workshop 2 pm 90 minutes

Happy 20th Birthday to WCYY!

Happy Birthday WCYY! To mark WCYY’s 4th birthday I created an astrology chart based on the station’s “birth”, July 28 1995 at approximately 11:44 am.  This is an astrological interpretation of the personality and life of the station based on where the sun, moon and planets were at the time she went on the air. Have some fun reading this and share it freely! 
I will be on the air with Rob, Mark and everyone else, celebrating 20 years of WCYY radio on Tuesday right around 11:44 am. Tune it and I'll see some of you at happy hour and out on Casco Bay later Tuesday evening.
Cheers!  Robin
July 28, 1995  11:44 am
Sun in Leo Mars in Gemini Moon in Leo Jupiter in Sagittarius Libra Rising Saturn in Pisces Mercury in Leo Uranus in Capricorn Venus in Cancer Neptune in Capricorn Pluto in Scorpio
General Distribution: 4 Fixed, 3 Mutable, 4 Cardinal signs; 4 Fire, 3 Water, 2 Earth, 2 Air What this means:  CYY is basically born under fire which is active and extroverted.  With a pretty good bal…