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Happy 20th Birthday to WCYY!

Happy Birthday WCYY!
To mark WCYY’s 4th birthday I created an astrology chart based on the station’s “birth”, July 28 1995 at approximately 11:44 am.  This is an astrological interpretation of the personality and life of the station based on where the sun, moon and planets were at the time she went on the air. Have some fun reading this and share it freely! 

I will be on the air with Rob, Mark and everyone else, celebrating 20 years of WCYY radio on Tuesday right around 11:44 am. Tune it and I'll see some of you at happy hour and out on Casco Bay later Tuesday evening.


July 28, 1995  11:44 am

Sun in Leo Mars in Gemini
Moon in Leo Jupiter in Sagittarius
Libra Rising Saturn in Pisces
Mercury in Leo Uranus in Capricorn
Venus in Cancer Neptune in Capricorn
Pluto in Scorpio

General Distribution: 4 Fixed, 3 Mutable, 4 Cardinal signs; 4 Fire, 3 Water, 2 Earth, 2 Air
What this means:  CYY is basically born under fire which is active and extroverted.  With a pretty good balance of fixed, cardinal, and mutable signs, the station can initiate action as well as follow through and can adapt to new and different circumstances.  With Leo as sun sign, there’s a basic desire for things to stay the same (fixed), but there is also an enterprising nature that allows for flexibility when necessary. 

Sun in Leo, first decanate July 23-Angust 1; WCYY radiates energy and magnetism.  “She” enjoys the spotlight, has a “colorful” personality and a knack for attracting attention. She has a lot of pride and thrives on flattery and adoration. She is loyal mainly to herself and nothing is too good for her. Public image is very important to Leos.  WCYY is generous, presents well socially, and gives the best parties.
The station is a leader that can stimulate excitement and energize other people.  “She” is not good at keeping her feelings to herself and is vocal about anything that makes her unhappy.  At times, WCYY could be very stubborn about wanting her own way. Leos can be outspoken and challenging, so they can provoke others and are often the slandered by jealous rivals.
Ruling planet is THE SUN, motto is I WILL, Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.  

Moon in Leo; This position basically accentuates everything written above.  It strengthens the station’s magnetism and also adds an idealistic quality.  The dark, inner, under side of CYY is actually quite bright.  Leo is ruled by the heart and the spine, and the Moon here gives WCYY strong emotions. She is reached through her heart (not her head).  The station will attract talent with passion for their work and their audience.  WCYY and her people will refuse to adhere to others’ random rules. However, they will confront problems openly and as a group.  Lunar Leos have show biz personality, extravagant tastes, and striking appearances.  Leo Moon and Leo Sun together enhance creativity and leadership ability.  WCYY should get more than its fair share of attention with this combination in its chart.  With the Moon in her 11th house (friends), She has a flair for entertaining in her own space (the studio) and will never lack for friends and social occasions. 

Libra rising; the rising sign or ascendant is the one that was rising at the time of birth.  It usually reflects image and what others think of you.  It also influences how you interact and deal with others.  Between 10am and 12noon on July 28, 1995, Libra was rising. The station was born with a sense of fairness and balance.  The influence of Venus will be important throughout its lifetime, and this indicates appreciation for music and the arts and gives charisma and charm. With Libra rising, WCYY is full of hope, will be lucky as a result of partnerships, and is all about undertaking new projects.  On the down side, WCYY is vulnerable to negative, discouraging personalities and should avoid them.

Mercury in Leo, 11th house; The house of friends is also home to Mercury which rules communication.  No explanation necessary here:  WCYY is destined to have a lot of friends and a magnetic flair for dealing with people.  Friendships are based on common intellectual interests.   Mercury in Leo (again) indicates a showy, expansive personality that loves to be on display.  CYY would rather play than work, but is determined to succeed.

Venus in Cancer, 10th house; WCYY has strong family loyalty.  She is likely to be popular with the public.  Partnerships should enhance her career (which is good!). Venus in the 10thhouse (career) means WCYY uses charm and diplomacy to further her business interests.

Mars in Gemini, 9th house; New learning will always be important at WCYY. With Mars in the house of Mental Exploration, she is independent in thought and open to change.  She will try out new ideas and will have many “marriages” or partnerships.  Mars in Gemini rules the voice and makes it magnetic and convincing!

Saturn in Pisces, 6th house; Saturn in Pisces in the house of service and health means the station fulfills her responsibilities to the community. “She” is good at taking on responsibility and has a need to give back..  WCYY will be admired by her associates, but is prone to strain from overwork.  (Backs and hearts are especially vulnerable).

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, 4th house; The 4th is the house of HOME and Capricorn is a very successful, driven sign.  Uranus gives WCYY the ability to spot future trends and profit from them.  It also gives a fighting spirit and a confidence to break through old ideas.  WCYY has a will to succeed and will benefit from unexpected shifts in work conditions.  Uranus in Capricorn indicates lively, satirical wit. It also reinforces that WCYY’s home will be a successful place to entertain friends and groups of business associates.
Neptune In Capricorn in the 4th house says WCYY will make practical, concrete use of ideas not acted on by the previous generation.  WCYY probably has an idealized picture of what her home should be like and is vaguely dissatisfied with her living space.  She may have some “family” skeletons that could be unearthed by rivals.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, 3rd house;  The house of communication has obvious importance in the life of WCYY.  Jupiter here says she attracts financial luck and has the ability to think big and turn those ideas into profits and popularity!!  WCYY is open to new experiences and gets along well with her “relatives”.  She will be restless if not fed new information and has a strong desire to learn, remaining on the cutting edge of technology and information.  CYY’s best times for career advancement and profit are late July through lateAaugust, Late November through late December, and late March through late April.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius, WCYY partners or marries well and can grow and benefit from these unions.

Pluto in Scorpio, 2nd house; Pluto in the house of possessions suggests tremendous change and REVOLUTION!  WCYY is instrumental in taking new, scientific advances and putting them into action. She is adventurous with money, but with her unique fiscal talent, she gets a high return on her efforts. WCYY is passionate, has a strong will and a penetrating mind.  She can be ruthless about getting her own way.  Throughout WCYY’s lifetime, there will be a tendency jealousy and rivalries from outside parties.

Conclusion:  WCYY is all about putting new ideas into practice.  She is likely to have many marriages or partnerships, and they should be beneficial to her.  In fact, WCYY is likely to benefit from unexpected shifts in the work situation.  
Financially, WCYY may seem to fly by the seat of her pants, but she has good luck and can profit from BIG ideas that may seem risky.  She is the playful sibling who succeeds because of her magnetism rather than work ethic.  She’s good at entertaining and throwing parties.  However, when she is passionate about an interest, she gives her whole self to it.  
WCYY has strong family loyalty. With Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo, the sign of longevity, WCYY will endure by acting on her ability to spot future trends and profit from them.
My final day on CYY morning show 8-2-2013


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