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Best of 2015

Best album: After from Lady Lamb 

I especially love this song

Best concert: The Church (not to be confused with Churches) at
Venue: The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Some bands truly get better with age. What a phenomenal performance this was, and what a surprise!

Favorite song of 2015: Pretty Pimpin' by Kurt Vile

So freakin' hooky. One listen, hooked forever. Close to 1,800,000 plays for this video, so I guess I'm not alone in loving this tune. The whole album is cool.

Best Portland, Maine local show: Neil Young 70th Birthday Celebration with Jeff Beam & friends

I can't find any video of this November night, but perhaps something will surface since it was only days ago, really. Jeff Beam is one to watch for in 2016 since he has a new album coming soon. On this June night, guess who crashed his Spoon tribute performance at Empire in Portland? Spoon.

Best non rock & roll show: Donna Delory at Love Yoga Fest in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Such good energy & so much dancing! Here's a little taste from a different festival show this year.

Significant Others:

Alabama Shakes, Future People
Armies (Dave Gutter and Anna Lombard)
Ryan Adams, 1989
Desaparacidos, Payola & Desaparacidos concert at Port City Music Hall Portland, Maine (video from Philly show)

I'll probably add a few more. That's it for today.


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