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RoZoYo® for the Solstice & Announcing Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing January 31st

The layers of yesterday's Solstice Yoga event at Scarborough Yoga.

Energies and mythology:
From the North, Air, wind and Rhiannon the Celtic Mare Goddess who fulfills wishes on the Eve of the Solstice when her power is greatest (we faced north in the physical practice)
From the East, Water, ocean, sunlight and Mithra, God of the Sun and Saturn, astrological ruler of the bones and the sign Capricorn
From the South, Fire, warmth, and Yemaya, Goddess of Winter, a nourisher and creation goddess
From the West, Earth, Mountains, and Poli'Ahu, Hawaiian Goddess of the Solstice

Sequence included strength building, weight bearing postures, hugging muscle to bone, wrapping muscles around the joints to encourage bone strength and growth.

Half Moon Stretch, Utkatasana, Deep belly to thigh Forward Fold, Downward Dog
High Plank, Side Planks with Knee Down, Leg Lifts with belly down, Salambasana, Upward Dog
Surya Namaskar A including Side Planks stacking feet, full weight bearing
Fallen Tria…

Inside the Yoga Studio

What does a yoga class look like?

All photos were taken at Rev Studios in Portland, Maine by Cara Hancock Slifka. Photos may not be reproduced in any manner without permission.
Some photos are available as stock images through Stocksy United