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Full Moon Horoscopes, HennAstrology & 3 Years of RoZoYo®

On March 5th, Mary Schmaling & I are co hosting the 1st HennAstrology talk with henna for all! The turning points & winds of change come with March's eclipses on the 8th and 23rd. I'll explain the personality of these eclipses & how they influence each sign while Mary adorns you with a hennAstrology tattoo. The event is at her new studio on Congress St in Portland, Eye of Henna & now 13 Moon Tattoo. Spaces must be reserved and are quite limited now. Email and ask if there's a spot for you!

Sunday, April 10th Restorative Yoga with Reiki, Aromatherapy & Sound Healing at Scarborough Yoga. 
A very special day of self care & nurturing with Reiki Healer Amy Gerow co hosting. Quiet the mind and absorb the vibrational sounds of Crystal Bowls & Solfreggio Tuning Forks  1-3 pm

Amy is a wonderful intuitive healer and I am so proud to collaborate with her. We've been best friends for 15 years and the symbiotic nature of our relationship makes this collaboration very special and unique. 

Reiki Healer, Intuitive, Amy Gerow

Amy and I thank you for selling out January's workshop & another private event at my home studio. Restorative with healing techniques is much needed in our world right now. We invite you to uncover your clearest, most vibrant state and feel revitalized. 

Register at this link

Saturday. April 30th Celebrating 3 Years of RoZoYo®!

RoZoYo®, the original Robin's Zodiac Yoga for all 12 Signs, with Gallery Style astrology readings at Scarborough Yoga.  10am to 12:30 pm $39 

This is either the 15th or 16th RoZoYo® workshop since it debuted in 2013. So many of you have been part of this evolution. Come renew your relationship with your body and your zodiac sign. Feel who you are by nature, understand others more clearly, and move freely as you explore postures for every sign in a thoughtful sequence. The connection between astrology and the body is ancient, and this is my interpretation. Yoga is followed by Gallery readings for all signs including some individual insights. 

It's been a year since I offered this and it may not come back around for 6 months or more, so jump in now! 

I very much hope to see you this spring! Email me with any questions.
Robin Ivy Payton

My weekly schedule is at

Full Moon Horoscopes from Robin's Zodiac Zone

Waves are building for March eclipses, and Monday’s Virgo Full Moon hints at big changes coming soon.

Aries: Full Moon points out stubborn and habitual patterns. You don’t have to stay on autopilot or mundane mode.  Have you held on too long to a grudge or a relationship?  Are you making excuses rather than getting healthier and more accomplished? Make a flexible, but monumental decision in the Full Moon’s wake.

Taurus: Full Moon illuminates what’s dearest to your heart, provoking you to express love or disillusionment.  See beyond the literal and logical to allow for magic and surprise, to recognize who has your best interests at heart, and to ignite your creative fire. Get just a tiny bit lost in order to find an alternate way by the light of the Moon.

Gemini: Communicate calmly on the days surrounding Monday’s Full Moon. Ask politely for what you need, including rest. If there’s unrest at home, remember that Jupiter shines for best outcomes in that arena. Do some housecleaning and nesting to feel more settled this week.

Cancer: This Full Moon theme is completion, and you’re due to finish a piece of writing, project, or legal document that’s been long in the works.  Solve a problem or reach a final agreement, feel relief, then celebrate.  Keep moving things around until they line up beautifully. Versatile thinking and clear communication is essential now.

Leo: This Leo Moon weekend highlights love and relationship. It’s natural to need some clarity and reassurance. Alternatively, you and your lover may reach a turning point, deepening the relationship. Monday’s Full Moon prompts a financial decision or news of a prosperous and creative opportunity.

Virgo: Virgo Full Moon holds extra power for you. For 3 days on either side of Monday, prioritize yourself and your health, and dive deep into processes and experiences.  Remember the distinction between romance and love and believe you can have both.

Libra: Full Moon in Virgo is time to recharge, be peaceful and seek contentment. Notice that little voice in your head, your conscience and your consciousness. Avoid resisting what you know is true and right. Tune into to your dreams.

Scorpio: Mars hangs out in Scorpio to remind you that shortcuts are less effective than the direct route. Face a personal or professional matter head on, without aggression or defensiveness. When you do, you’re set free.  Full Moon clarifies true love or friendship versus unacceptable substitutes.

Sagittarius: Leo Moon awakens the desire to be someplace else. If you’re traveling, messages and feelings may keep pulling your energy back to home or work.  Monday’s Full Moon initiates a moment of truth that could lead to career change now or with next month’s lunar eclipse.

Capricorn: Collaborative decisions about finances, children and life path are due. Property matters and legal situations are up for resolving too. Full Moon blazes in sister earth sign, Virgo, signaling time to travel, learn something new, and, if possible, be free of a burden you carried for too long.

Aquarius: Since February 8th, you’ve been moving through a really important cycle. This week a health, legal or financial matter resolves with an extra push and someone’s fervent support. Keep love and commitment in mind. Details hold weight under discriminating Virgo Moon. Your signature is called for to make everything official.

Pisces: Rumblings around the workplace are bothersome this week. Stay quiet or act as impartial mediator. Monday’s Full Moon in the relationship sector holds more importance and foreshadows March’s solar eclipse. Notice how this Full Moon milestone feels since it guides partnership decisions you’ll be making in the next two months.


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