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Restorative with Yin, Sound Healing & Essential Oils Workshop at Greener Postures

This workshop will be held at Greener Postures in South Portland on Friday evening May 13th from 6 to 8 pm. The essential oil/aromatherapy is optional and you'll have a choice based on individual preference. Because the oils are delivered directly into your skin from an all natural patch, made in Vermont, the aroma is not intrusive to other participants.

I've designed this workshop to satisfy both yin and restorative needs in the body and mind.  Yin and restorative yoga are often confused since Yin is a deep stretch to release both toxins and tension in the connective tissues of the body, open the meridian paths and pressure points for free flow of energy, and increase/maintain range of motion and flexibility. Restorative, on the other hand, requires no stretching and helps return the body to it's natural state. Both help clear the mind and emotional body to allow for deep healing. In this workshop, we will experience both and move energy in all 8 meridian paths (heart, l…

HennAstrology Photos

Saturday, March 5 at Eye of Henna in Portland, we gathered and prepared for eclipse time with henna and astrology... and meditation to fulfill our heart's desires.

with Mary Schmaling, henna, tattoo and multimedia artist
...and it was so good. 
Grateful for your presence. Happy solar waves and lunar winds of March!
Stay tuned for future HennAstrology events with RoZoYo® &  The Eye of Henna!

Robin & Mary