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Astrology of the Sun Salutation: Take One

With so many planets retrograde (Mercury begins on Thursday, the 28th), I'm looking back at articles previously published. This one astounds me since at the time I had no idea I would be teaching yoga and didn't practice vinyasa regularly. I can't remember how this flowed out of me, though I do remember suggesting this topic to the publisher so I must have considered the astrology/yoga connection. 
As RoZoYo® turns 3 this spring, I'm reposting the original article. Next Saturday at Scarborough Yoga from 10-12:30, I'll lead the 2016 version of Robin's Zodiac Yoga sequence. I can see the roots of RoZoYo in this break out of Surya Namaskar A. My perspective has shifted a bit, my understanding has grown, but the basic premise is the same. The solar system lives within and yoga tends to all the parts for a healthier whole. The placements and movements of the Moon, Sun and planets at birth impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. As the planets move into…

Mercury & Mars Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury retrogrades in Taurus from April 28th at 1:20 pm through May 22nd at 9:20 am EDT. Mars also retrogrades, in Sagittarius, from April 17th at 8:14 am EDT to June 29th  at 7:38 pm EDT. In fact, during May, 5 planets are retrograde. First and foremost, don't try to push things through by sheer force or manipulation. If you can, avoid a grand opening or important announcement that needs to be clearly understood and well received. Expect many things to go slowly. Agree to a temporary plan rather than a long term situation or relationship at least until Mercury is direct in late May. 

Now for the good stuff...Forgive, reunite, vacation, experiment, and keep flexiblity in your plans. If you're not rigid or full of idealistic expectations, this can be a very creative time to ground in what matters to you most (because that's how Taurus is. Grounded in pleasures, the senses, projects and cherished relationships).

Use these suggestions to get through delays, frustrations, reuni…

Spring Schedule & Weekend Workshops (& sneak preview of summer yoga)

Spring is here and summer's coming! I'll be leading an early morning outdoor class weekly in Portland and along with my yoga teacher husband, we'll resume Portland PopUp Yoga and social once or twice weekly at various parks and pubs. Add the page and click get notifications under 'liked' so you get the updates. It was a highlight of last spring and summer Saturdays and Thursdays. Meet new friends and do yoga, by donation, in the sunshine (or clouds!). We usually gather at a local place for food and drinks after about 75 minutes of yoga.
Hoping to get started around the first or second week of May!

I have just three more Sundays (April 3rd, 17th and 24th) of Yin at Maine Hatha Yoga. It's been a wonderful experience leading Sunday practices, and Yin will continue with Alexa (pictured above in a forward fold).
Come see me for Yin at Bay Club on Fridays at 12:30pm, Deep Stretch (yin style) at Greener Postures in South Portland Sundays…