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Summer Astrology & Alignment Dates

HI everyone,
On the Solstice Full Moon, we had a lovely, magical astrology & henna tattoo gathering at The Eye of Henna in Portland, Maine. Mary Schmaling's gorgeous, soulful studio on Congress Street was our location. Mary tattoos and creates henna designs there. This was our 2nd  HennAstrology collaboration.

Here are a few of the dates I shared with the group. I hope they'll be helpful and give you something to look forward to.  Today, the day after Full Moon, is a soul alignment day as Capricorn Moon has a monthly meeting with Pluto while the Moon is still peaking.  What I mean by this is, it's a day to face or conquer a deep fear or strongly rooted belief that holds you down. Standing in your truth, your realest self with your talents and flaws, you line up with your purpose and open the door to growth. Jupiter aligns with Pluto this week too, from Virgo. It's all about maximizing your potential to contribute, awakening hidden or sleeping talents, and becoming …