Summer Astrology & Alignment Dates

HI everyone,
On the Solstice Full Moon, we had a lovely, magical astrology & henna tattoo gathering at The Eye of Henna in Portland, Maine. Mary Schmaling's gorgeous, soulful studio on Congress Street was our location. Mary tattoos and creates henna designs there. This was our 2nd  HennAstrology collaboration.

Here are a few of the dates I shared with the group. I hope they'll be helpful and give you something to look forward to.  Today, the day after Full Moon, is a soul alignment day as Capricorn Moon has a monthly meeting with Pluto while the Moon is still peaking.  What I mean by this is, it's a day to face or conquer a deep fear or strongly rooted belief that holds you down. Standing in your truth, your realest self with your talents and flaws, you line up with your purpose and open the door to growth. Jupiter aligns with Pluto this week too, from Virgo. It's all about maximizing your potential to contribute, awakening hidden or sleeping talents, and becoming confident in what you have to offer the world.  If you're a Capricorn this is even more pronounced for you.

June 29th Mars direct helps remove emotional roadblocks. Launch new things including construction and business projects. Scorpio is strongly impacted in personal ways

July 1st Venus trine Jupiter makes our hearts grow, brings healing, and adds love and romance, creativity and openness to our world

July 3rd Sun trine Neptune for romance, creativity, kindness, and magical experiences

July 6th Venus trine Mars for romantic love and more harmonious relationships

I wrote an affirmation for our HennAstrology gathering, and I'd like you to have it too. It includes many themes of the Solstice Full Moon. Breathe until you feel relaxed and light, then repeat this to yourself twice. The first time, say you or all beings, for the world. The second time substitute I on each line and give this to yourself.

Peace! Robin

Robin's Zodiac Yoga is on Congress Square Park in Portland, Maine at Congress and High St by the hotel, every Thursday  morning and it's free!  Yoga flow with an astrological backbone and insghts for your day and your sign. Bring your mat and join us! 7-8 am

May you stand in your personal truth,  your authentic self
May you be free of anger, judgement, and fear
May you move freely and explore
May you be open to new ideas, learning, and cultures
May you live adventurously
May you blossom like the strawberries that ripen and flowers that fully emerge now, showing and offering your innate beauty and gifts to the world in that same way
May you thrive like the climbing flowers, reaching for the sun
May you be provided with all the nourishment you need in all its forms
and flourish in the circadian rhythm of summer

Summer Yoga Schedule:
Deep Stretch Greener Postures South Portland Sunday 5:30 pm 75 min.
All Levels Flow Greener Postures South Portland Monday 6 am 60 min.
Gentle Yoga Scarborough Yoga (433 US Rte 1) Tuesday 9:30 am 60 min.
RoZoYo® Vinyasa Flow Outdoors on Congress Square Park Portland Thursday 7 am 60 min.
Yin Yoga Bay Club Fitness Portland Friday 12:30 60 min.

other fill in classes and one time events always up to date at


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