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RoZoYo® Schedule & Exciting, New Workshops

Welcome to the final phase of summer, Virgo time! My schedule shifts with the school year, so next week there are a couple of changes. And I'm extra excited about this fall workshop schedule, with 2 brand new offerings and unique practices, never to be duplicated since the heaven only align in this exact way once. 

RoZoYo® Workshop Dates (on sale now)
Sunday, September 25th Yoga Nidra & Journey to Connect with a Spirit Guide or Totem Animal at Scarborough Yoga 2-3:30 pm More info & Preregistration only
Saturday, October 1st New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Readings at Freeport Yoga Company (this is the only workshop for individual insights for each of you)
Saturday, October 15th Full Moon Yoga with Live Drumming & Soundscape by Todd Glacy at Greener Postures South Portland & More info on Facebook Todd Glacy is a multi-instrumentalist, ordained minister & yogi. Here's a sample of Todd's music

Sunday, November 27th Restorative Yoga with Reiki, Sound Healing, &…

Cooling Ideas for Hot Days

Try this breathing technique for a feeling of cool. Shape your tongue like a taco and breathe in over it. Let the taco shape go and close your lips and exhale through the nose. Inhale fully as if you were sipping cool water using your tongue as the straw. Take at least 10 breaths like this or continue for 5 minutes.

This video illustrates the practice.

I started making misting spray recently. It's very simple. Use distilled water and a teaspoon of aloe gel for a 2 to 4 oz. spray. If you have any essential oils you can add them. Use cooling scent like orange, tangerine, cypress, lavender, or rose. Citrus and florals lend themselves to summer blends. You can combine them as you like. Mine has a few drops each of jasmine and lavender. Keep your misting bottle in the refrigerator for extra cool.  I save bottles from hair conditioner or face tonic or other things with sprays, and you can also buy small glass bottles with spray tops at places like Whole Foods. They're about $2 and r…