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Yoga, Music, Henna, Oh Yes!

New on my schedule: Yin Yoga at Riverbend Yoga & Meditation Studio Yarmouth, Maine
Fridays 12-1 pm. Feel free to drop in. During January I'm re-introducing the Yin meridians during our physical practice. Week 2 features Lung/Large Intestine which means we'll stretch and open the upper body, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and back body.

Here's a playlist for your home practice or just chilling out.

Yoga Nidra

Have ever woken up with your best ideas or refreshed after being sick or under a great deal of strain? Do you ever experience lucid dreams where you are somewhat conscious and can control the content of that experience? These are some comparisons I make to yoga nidra. Guided into a state of total relaxation, your body, mind and spirit have a change to truly restore, heal and also manifest. 

You'll set up in a comfortable position with yoga props like bolsters so you can tune inward without distraction.  The you simply follow my voice and experience your own sensati…